My New York -Daniel Savoca

New York is extremely fast paced in my eyes. People are always doing some activity and in constant motion. There is never a dull moment in New York. I’ve been here since I was born. You can see a big difference when spending time in New York City and spending time somewhere else. New York has the most interesting structures and is the most memorable city. This is where people go to start a career and become known. What is great about New York City is that it has a little bit of everything. There are parks, laid back areas, very quiet suburban areas, busy party areas, and beaches too. Cultures from around the world are settling in New York City and evolving.
New York is always changing. Things are being added to New York everyday which makes it such a tourist attraction. Im always visiting New York. Their are performers in Manhattan, always putting on a show for each individual person. Manhattan has so much history and cultural diffusion that it is considered a place for everyone to become comfortable. My first impression of New York was that their was so much to do. I tried to replace each negative thing i saw with a positive. Yes, New York has it’s flaws, but at the end of the day we see its natural beauty. People can really spend a full day in the city and just walking around is relaxing enough. You feel safe at home because it is very congested. My current neighborhood is very quiet and isolated. I travel to Manhattan every weekend to spend time with friends and family. The time I spend in Manhattan makes me wish I actually lived their but I consider myself a New Yorker anyway because of all the time I do in fact spend their. I notice people who live in New York act differently. We see hard works, designers, craftsman, people that work hard to show that New York is a hard working home. We build such skyscrapers that no other place has, to be beautiful and such an inspiration to millions. This is my New York. -Daniel Savoca

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