My view on New York

When you hear “New York” you think, bright lights, crowds, Broadway, the city that never sleeps. Tourist from all across the world visit New York imagining it to be a lifetime experience. Wall Street, Times Square, The Statue of Liberty, all amazing themes that tie up New York City.

Born and raised in two of five boroughs in New York, I can say Ive seen it all. Ive lived in the big apple for all of my child hood. Born in Brooklyn, later moved to Staten Island. I have experienced good, bad, and even not expressible experiences all around me. The twin towers accident, the NYE ball drop, government shut downs, Hurricane Sandy, and many more. Over the years I have realized New York is not what everyone makes it seem. Its not perfect, were far from it. We have problems, lots of them. I grew up in a fast pace city. People always rushing, yelling, pushing, attitudes were always very obvious.

Growing up around it you finally notice all the flaws. People are mean, and only care for themselves. People steal, argue and fight everywhere you go. The problem is were too caught up in everything we have, that we don’t realize what we have.

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