New York: City of Dreams

Born here, raised elsewhere, I know so little about New York until me came back for junior high school. New York City is known for city never sleeps, a place where all dreams come true.


Living here for over ten year, I have been moving place to place, my first impression to New York City was poor rated. My uncle picked me up from JFK and our first trip was to stop by Chinatown for welcome dinner, I fall sleep on the way there due to jet lag. I couldn’t believe it was part of Manhattan, I wanted to go back to Shanghai.


Elmhurst, Queens. Where I first residence with my family, Near 74st Train Station. I was excited to jump on subway of NYC to experience it. I was disappointed again, it was not as cool as it seem from the movie. (Before renovation) my mother worked hard in helping expending family business in Brooklyn, so my first visit to Brooklyn is where all the warehouse was located. We moved to Bayside about two year later. It was a very quiet and beautiful neighborhood, with a possible commute distance to New York City. This was the turning point when I fall in love with this city. I started to view two city in comparison. If shanghai is a young teen age girl. Then New York is the wised lady, both attractive yet one with amazing history retained from times. Shanghai will not have as many little quiet villages as New York City.


We moved further away from city as my mother wanted me to be isolated from night life this amazing city have to offer. I learn to explore public transportation system of New York. Took LIRR from Great Neck directly to Penn Station every weekend. I enjoy interact with peoples. We were all different in cultures and backgrounds. We all share the same love to this amazing city.  I would go Chinatown and little Italy for food, soho and 5th avenue for shopping. Enjoy a relaxed weekend in central park. Public lectures in uptown. What I love the most about New York is the Public Library System; from queens to long island, no matter where I moved to, library is always around for the community.


Studying Architecture allow me to understand New York’s history better, appreciate more. Yet, do I really know about New York. New York have more then what we imaging to offer, I would devote myself to pursue my dreams here and be a proud New Yorker.

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