ADA Bathroom sheet


For this assignment you will draw the ADA bathroom for your store.  This bathroom should be located on the ground floor, unless you have an elevator.  Make sure your store name and your name is on your boards.

Here is a link to some of the examples we looked at in class: ADA Examples
Here are the ANSI guidelines. Follow Chapter 6, pg 45-54: ANSI ICC 2009

Your boards should include the following:

  • One plan
  • Four elevations
  • Fixture/Accessories/Lighting/Materials images
  • Materials List


  • Draw your plan at 1/2″=1′-0″ scale
  • Include dimensions important for meeting ADA requirements
  • Show the ADA turning radius circle
  • Mark your fixtures and materials with your codes
  • Show your floor material through a hatch (line pattern) or rendered material


  • Draw an elevation of all four interior walls of your ADA bathroom, also at 1/2″=1′-0″ scale
  • Show dimensions for important heights of fixtures and if you have wall-mounted lights
  • Mark fixtures and materials with your codes
  • Show hatch/line patterns or rendered materials for paneling or tiles on the walls


  • Choose fixtures that are ADA compliant
  • Show an image of each item you’ve chosen
  • Give a code to each item, and use this code to label them on your plan and elevations
  • You will have a toilet, lavatory (sink), faucet, paper towel dispenser or hand dryer, soap dispenser, toilet paper holder, mirror lights, and tiles


Materials List

  • Add to the materials list you started for your Assignment 9 Materials. Choose materials for your floors, walls, and ceiling
  • Floors can be stone, ceramic or porcelain, and must be matte finish to guard against slipping

Be ready to present and discuss your work during your desk crit.

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