Assignment 3 – Logo


For Assignment 3 you will create a concept for a retail store and design its logo. Decide on a product or a service you will sell in your store. Look at your site and decide what would work well at that location. Use what you learned from your precedent study  and now create your own dynamic and strong brand and logo.

Your board should include the following:

  • Logo + Name of your store
  • Images of what your store sells


  • Create a logo and a name for your store/company
  • The logo can use images, text, or colors
  • The logo can include your company name, but it does not need to
  • Here’s a page of additional tips for creating your logo: Logo Tips

Be prepared to present your work to the class – THIS IS DUE AT THE END OF CLASS.

If you want to test your knowledge of logos currently used:

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