Assignment 2 – Commercial Precedent Studies

Department of Architectural Technology

Bachelor of Technology in Architectural Technology

ARCH 3510                 ARCHITECTURAL DESIGN V

Precedent Studies- Adaptive Reuse- focuses on preservation, renovation, restoration, and adaptive reuse.

Good design is often informed and inspired by precedent studies of previously designed projects. For this assignment, you will select two examples of retail spaces with adaptive re-use in mind. You are to compare and contrast.

Your digital presentation can incorporate text, images, quotes, etc. to describe basic facts about the project, for example: Location, Designer, Owner/Advocate, Date Constructed, Cost.

You will analyze each project with simple diagrams using Photos, plans sections and elevations to define:

2.Public vs. private

4. Approach and Circulation etc.

5. Location

6. Light

7. Scale

8. Interior Details
9. Context

10. Name, Logo, colors

11. Interior Materials, lighting

A short  200 – 300 word narrative description of the design approach should be part of the presentation.

Do not forget to list of resources that you used.

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