Project 1 Midterm Presentation

Mid Term Presentation will be October 11th beginning at 8:30.

All presentations must be on the X drive before class begins or will not be graded or presented. Alls presentations must be digital- slideshow – pdfs

The following must be included in your presentation:

  1. Site Analysis (from your group)- Assignment 1 5pts
  2. Precedent Study РAssignment 2 5pts
  3. Logo design- Assignment 3 5pts
  4. Concept Models three –¬†Assignment 4¬†5pts
  5. Final Model –¬†Assignment 5¬†5pts
  6. Program/Matrix/Bubble Diagram -Assignment 6 10pts
  7. Plans 20pts
  8. two Sections 15pts
  9. Reflected Ceiling Plan 15pts
  10. Program dimensions and layouts from references -Assignment 8 5pts
  11. Material boards Рimages taken from your Pinterest for each space 10pts

Grading: Will be based on the completeness of each item and the design drawings will be based on the integration of the parti/concept into the current state of the design. Partial credit will be given. There is a total of 100 points. Additional drawings can be developed/shown to explain the idea of the concept and how it is incorporated into your design.

Late projects will be deducted 15 pts

Final Presentation will be October 29th

Final presentation will be a complete set of the above in addition ADA bathroom, and all materials and furniture selections, renderings and rendered sections, plans and elevations.