Assignment 4: Concept models

Department of Architectural Technology

Bachelor of Technology in Architectural Technology

ARCH 3510                 ARCHITECTURAL DESIGN V


Commercial Project

Assignment 4


Due next class

For this assignment you will create three concept models based on your logo and store concept.  You should begin by sketching your ideas for your model, and include these on your final board. After you make your models, you should then make a final hand-drawn diagram illustrating how your concepts and logo are exhibited in your model.

Your board should include the following:

  • Hand-drawn sketches of concept models ideas (process sketches)
  • Image(s) of physical concept model
  • Hand-drawn diagram of concept models

Concept Models

  • The model can be any material(s) you choose, but the material choice(s) should relate somehow to your concept
  • The models are not to be a physical space, but rather exhibit your logo/concept (i.e. focus on exhibiting relationships and meaning)- abstract form
  • The models dimensions must be approximately 4″ long x 3″ wide x 3-4″ high


Bring your models to class, and be prepared to present your work.

concept model examples

Additional Study Models


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