Final Project – Commercial Project

We have begun the final project of the semester – a commercial space.  In class each of you developed an “interest” board of your own interests in hopes that from this we could find a theme for each of your commercial projects.

For Friday I ask for the following:
  • 1- Bring in a piece of music that sets the tone or mood of the space you are creating.
  • 2- Identify the product or service you will be selling.  (electronics, restaurant or other service)
  • 3- Put together a Mood board that identifies “colors, textures, lighting, materials and furniture” for your space.
  • 4- Visit the site before class so we can discuss it.

For Wednesday you need to complete the following:
  • 1- Completed case study.  Identify the elements from the “Mood” board for this space.  You should pick a space that you like and identify what you like and what you would like to improve about it.
  • 2- For design Identify the length of the lot line that faces Adams street and create three models for facade development.  You are working only on the skin of the building – and you may go up to the height of the adjacent building.  Come prepared to continue to work on your facade design in class and build additional models.
  • MODELS ARE NOT OPTIONAL – If you do not work in model form from the beginning you will not achieve the grade for the semester I indicated was still within reach.

Your eventual design may be a multistory building.
Do not fall behind – there will not be a chance to catch up!
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Solar Decathlon Submission

  1. Pick a panel – manufacturer size and specs
    1. Solar Panel (photovoltaic)
    2. Solar Hot Water Panel
  2. Calculate Energy Load
    1. Appliances
    2. Lighting
  3. Energy strategies to provide:
    1. Electricity (Appliances & Lighting)
    2. Space heating
    3. Hot water heating
  4. Calculate needed panels (photovoltaic & hot water)
  5. Other Strategies utilized
    1. Rainwater collection
    2. Grey water reclamation and use
    3. Humidity Control
    4. Green Roof
    5. Radiant Heating
    6. Passive Solar (Trombe wall, etc.)
    7. Geothermal
  6. Materials
  7. Design Strategies & judging
    1. Meets program requirements (dining for 10, etc.)
    2. Efficient core
    3. ADA compliance
    4. Sustainable
    5. Quality of space
    6. Aesthetics
    7. Circulation (Private/Public)
    8. Convertible spaces

Drawings / Boards Required:

  1. Research Information
    1. Panel Selection
    2. Energy Load
    3. Energy strategies
    4. Panel Count/Usage
    5. Additional Strategies used
    6. Calculations
  2. Wall Section 3/4″ = 1′-0″
  3. Partial Exterior Elevation to match 3/4″=1′-0″
  4. Plan  1/4″
  5. Full Exterior Elevation (same scale as plan (1/4″))
  6. Multi-Unit Plan w/core (if more than 1 unit per floor) 1/8″
  7. Stacking Elevation 1/8″
  8. Floor Shipping Diagram (1/8) or 1(1/16) – shows how plan breaks up to be shipped
  9. Materials Strategies
  10. Model of 1 unit 1/4″
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Afforable Solar – Off Grid Load Estimator

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Types Of Solar Panels

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Trombe Wall Info.

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Calculating kWh for dummies

For calculating kWh for your solar panels and appliances

Power (watts) = Voltage (volts) x Current (amps)

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Vertical Solar Panel Facade

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7000Watt Solar Kit

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Appliances Power Calculator

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