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  1. YUHUI says:

    Hi, Susan.
    This is your architect Yuhui Ouyang.
    I am going to ask you ten question to get familiar with you and your families, and I will take your answers into the design process. Take your time to answer these questions.

    1. Do you usually have guests?
    2. Which part of the house would be most important to you?
    3. Do you need your own room for your work space?
    4. Should there be a room with a special purpose? Gym etc.
    5. What is your form of transportations?
    6. Do your families like outdoor spaces?
    7. Do you prefer natural sun light?
    8. How do your kids get to school?
    9. Do you have any special dislike? Design, Color, Materials etc.
    10. Besides working and studying, what kind of activities your families do in free time?

    • Susan Mani says:

      Hello Yuhui,
      It’s good to hear from you and I’m so exciting to be a part of the design process. I hope my answers can be helpful to your thoughts and inspiration.

      1. Once in a while, but they are mostly overnight guests so we need an extra bedroom for them.
      2. The kitchen and the living room are the most important spaces to me.
      3. Yes as I’m a ballet dancer I need a room for my sport instruments.
      4. I think I already answered this question in the number 3.
      5. We have a car, but we usually go to work by train.
      6. Yes we do. My husband and I like to do barbeque during the weekends.
      7. Yes we do want to have the natural light for our bedrooms, specially for the kids bedroom.
      8. My kids usually go to school by school bus, but sometimes my husband would give them a rid.
      9. I don’t like to have carpet flooring, also I don’t like to see cold colors all around the house. I feel upset with cold colors.
      10. We usually watch movies together, kids have X-box so we play family games together as well and we all like to spend time in the kitchen together and cook.

      Please don’t hesitate to ask me any other questions you might have. I will be so happy if can provide you with helpful answers.

      Susan Mani.

  2. Susan,

    Please consider adding a descriptive paragraph about your family to the board. Also – lets work on improving the overall graphics and composition.

    Also post this as an image file (jpg) instead of a PDF.

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