Extra Class and Final Presentations

We have two official class meeting left – and they are the final presentation dates of Monday the 21st and Thursday the 24th.  This Thursday the 17th is a Wednesday schedule due to the snow days during the semester so there is no official class.  I plan on coming in at 830 and will be able to stay until around 11 am.  If you plan on coming to see me you should plot your full size sheets and pinup in the hall.

The final presentation schedule is unchanged:

Monday May 21st

  1. Eva – Najah – Nayaab
  2. Jose-Ibrahim-Alberto-Gassendy
  3. Thomas-Chandanie-Yocelyne

Thursday May 24th

  1. Jennifer-Anthony-Manashe
  2. Ahasan-Huiyi-Hio Ting

For final presentation you are to focus on your details.  You must each have two separate wall studies where one of these is curtain wall and the other is a solid material (precast, stone, rainscreen, etc).  Presentation includes full size plotted sheets pinned up in the hall and a digital slideshow (PDF or PowerPoint) also showing your two detail studies.  The slideshow should show your research and color coded details that explain the strategy for waterproofing (blue), structure (green), fireproofing (red) and thermal (orange/yellow).  This typically means you need to show the same detail multiple times with different color coding as some parts of the detail may serve two or more roles (waterproofing/structure/fireproofing/thermal)

Upload to Blackboard by Midnight the 24th

All final presentations, revit files and pdf plots must be uploaded to blackboard by midnight on the 24th – the same deadline for everyone no matter which day you present.  All students must attend both classes.


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