Progress Posting for next class

Include a PDF of all your sheets and the Cover and your Revit file

  • Sheets
    • Cover including drawings list (filtered and sorted correctly)
    • Level 1 Plan – includes grid lines, exterior dimension strings, exterior wall (use brick block wall as a place holder – runs from Level 1 to the Roof Level plus 3 extra feet)
    • Exterior Elevations – Number these beginning with A-301.  Include all 4 main elevations (north/south/east/west).  These show Level 1 up to the Roof
    • Building Sections – (optional for this deadline)  Building sections show the foundation wall and basement – so they take up more space on a title block.
  • Modeling Work
    • Grids (make these consistent on all floors – use “Propagate Extents”.
    • Dimension Strings (use aligned and show dimension’s for grid spacing)
    • Exterior Wall (use the BASIC WALL – Exterior – Brick on CMU) make sure the brick is on the outside by drawing clockwise.  Offset this 1′-4″ to 1′-6″ from the grid lines.
    • Floor Slabs (Architecture > Floor > Floor Structural > 3″ LW Concrete on 2″ Metal Deck).  To draw this snap to the outer face of the concrete block in the brick wall.
    • Structural Foundation Wall (Architecture > Walls > Basic Wall Foundation – 12″ Concrete).  To draw this snap to the outer face of the brick.
    • Structural Foundation (Footing)  (Structure > Foundation > Wall > 36″ x 12″)  Snap to the foundation wall.

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