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 EdwinEdwin Vega

Why Did He Choose Architecture?

His passion for architecture begun when he was studying Civil engineering. As the time passed, He changed his points of view of engineering, so that He can follow his passion for design in more details.

What are his strengths?

He is very good at learning computer software very fast.

What are his weakness?

He gets nervous when He is presenting his projects.

What He would like to Improve?

He must improve his presentations.



Nicolas Chamorro

Nicolas started pursuing his architecture career when he was enrolled into an AutoCAD class in high school in his sophomore year. At the end of his senior year he was unsure if it was the path he wanted to pursue. He was introduced to mechanical engineering and decided to take that path during his first 3 semesters in City Tech. At the end of his third semester he realized that engineering wasn’t the path for him. Beginning on Spring 2014 he decided to go back in pursuing his Architecture Path. His strength would be the ability of organization and following directions. This semester Nicolas Chamorro would like to gain more knowledge on how buildings are put together in a structural base and software such as Rhino, Photoshop, Illustrator and InDesign.


Tatiana Zheludkova

Why  Architecture?

Much of Tatiana’s family consists of engineers, which has given her an admiration and appreciation for the work that goes into the field. She is also interested in art. Tatiana attended an art school during high school. She had the opportunity to work on painting, drawing, and composition; also she loves colors. Her love of art pushed her in a slightly different direction from most of the family – architecture. Tatiana considers architecture her true passion in life.

What are the strengths?

She loves details, standards and perfection.

What are the weaknesses?

It takes time for her to learn new software and she is a little bit skeptical working in group.

What must like to Improve?

She needs to improve presentation skills.



Melanie Louie

Melanie decided upon architecture for the sole reason of the beauty of it. She loves the aesthetic views of buildings both internally and externally. Her father initially suggested architecture as my career path and after much thought, she chose architecture at the age of 15. She also chose it because it is art and she has always had a connection with art ever since she was a child. Her strengths include fast learning capability and verbal presentations. Lastly, she would like to improve on how to use computer programs such as AutoCad, Photoshop, Illustrator, and Indesign, as well as improving on drawing floor plans and sections.

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