Assignment Grading

I will be grading the first two assignments on Monday afternoon.  I have taken  a preliminary look at your sites and have linked them to our class website.  Please read the comments below as this will affect the grading of your work.

Interviews:  For your interviews to get an A they must be complete in the following manner.  They should address all three of the questions and each must include a photo.  Additionally they should not be written in first person (I always wanted to be an Architect….)  since you are supposed to interview someone else on the team.  Each interview must include a byline.  If you wrote it yourself it will not be accepted as this does not meet the requirement of working as a team.

Schedules: Schedules must be included for each team member and posted on your OpenLab site.  They must all be color coded in the same manner for each team member.

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