Be Ready for Class on Monday!!!

It is important that each and every team is prepared for class on Monday.  There are two critical tasks you are working on.

First: Zoning

Each team must have their zoning document ready for review – and ready means the work is done as far as you understand it – so that we can go over it together.  This does not mean you are figuring it out for the first time – and I can tell the difference when I talk to you. Each member of the team must be able to demonstrate familiarity with the zoning issues for their site.

Second:  Site Inventory and Analysis

Each team must have base maps at two scales as discussed and demonstrated in class. Each team must already have made overlays of the different categories as outlined and demonstrated in class.  Maps will be reviewed and marked up in class.  As with the zoning each team member must be able to demonstrate an understanding of the inventory and analysis issues for their sites.

Please be on time to class.

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