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Group Research – Listing due for next class

A reminder that for the next class each team is to have a listing of research assignments by topic – for example, structure or sunshade devices, etc.

Case studies may be of an entire building Рfor example every team doing a health club must do a case study on a health club and each team doing a museum must do a case study on a museum.  This group work is to be done by the entire team.  Also each member of the team must visit a museum or health club.  If  you are not a member of a health club call one up and arrange a visit for potential new members.

Other case studies or precedent studies may be focused on a single issue or item.  For example, long span structural solutions, or ceiling materials and lighting, or mechanical solutions, or aesthetic studies showing the work of architects that likely inspired the designer.

For today you must provide a list.

Group Work – Recap Assignment

I will be asking each group to provide me with an evaluation of the work they did for the most recent assignment.  I would like each team member to take a copy of the weekly calendar template and mark up when they spent time working on the presentation alone and when they worked together with their team mates.

This assignment recap is not graded but will be reviewed and discussed.  If you can try to complete this for next class (for some of you that is today) Рif you do not have time to do it Рwe will begin class as a group working on this.

Today is the day to re-evaluate the team contract.

Assignment for next class

As a group:

  • Please continually update your analysis as we go – also please complete the models – so that you understand your buildings
  • Identify your research / case study list – for example if you have a pool you need to do a case study on a pool. ¬†If you have a specific type of facade you should do a case study on a similar facade. ¬†For now just make a list of things the team needs to research and consider who wants to research each part.
  • Program Analysis – write up a list of spaces in the building and their approximate sizes. ¬†For example 4 massage rooms 9 x 12, etc. ¬†Identify every space in the building.¬†Research the correct size of things in your building.
  • Structural/Mechanical/Core Locations – work out an integrated solution of where these elements might go. ¬†It is OK¬†to have options.
  • Research the correct size of both a freight and passenger elevator.

As an Individual:

  • In addition to the site plan, add at least one environs map and also the zoning map. ¬†Format these on a 22 x 34 Title-block. ¬†You will find a title-block you can use on the S: drive in our class directory.
  • In AutoCAD draw the structural grid and show the perimeter of your building.
  • Stair & Core Study. – Testing out different floor to floors you think will work – draw in AutoCAD both plan and section of stairs. ¬†Show risers, runs and landing and dimensions. ¬†You do not need handrails etc.
  • In addition to drawing the stair – look to layout some cores that include a stair, a mechanical shaft and an elevator. ¬†You will later use this to see what might fit into your project drawings.

Sample Student Site with Completed Assignments

This is a link to a current student site that includes examples of the first two OpenLab assignments – (three separate posts as follows)

  • The team interviews
  • Team Schedule
  • The project selection

I have suggested that they add two additional pages as follows:

  • Vocabulary – each team ¬†member will add 1 term with definition per class
  • Construction Photos – team members to upload construction photos of the project they will monitor throughout the semester

Project Selection Question:

In response to student questions on the project selection – please complete the following before the start of your next class:

  • Review the projects stored on the student drive S: – look for ARCH 2330 Building Technology III
  • Your team should select three of these – and prioritize your 1st, 2nd and 3rd choices.
  • Create a PowerPoint of your choices – one slide each – put your first choice first, your second- second, etc.
  • Save this PowerPoint as image files and post it on you teams website. ¬†You will present this in class.
  • See you next week!

Assignment Review

  • Complete your team interviews –
  • Create your OpenLab site¬†– as a project site and make all team members administrators
  • Post your completed team interviews as graphics so they display without downloading
  • Email me a link to you team site ASAP so I can link it to out course site
  • Post Team Schedules – each team member should fill out their own schedule and then the group should create a team schedule. ¬†You do not need to send these to me – you only need to post the team schedule on the team website.
  • Project Selection – Together the team should review the 8 projects available. ¬†Choose three that all of you like then put these in priority order. ¬†Create a 3-slide PowerPoint with one slide for each of these projects in order of your preference. ¬†(1 team – 3 projects – 3 slide PowerPoint)

Welcome Back!

I hope everyone is well rested and ready to work!  For this semester I am teaching two sections of Building Tech 3 and I will be using a single OpenLab website to manage both classes.  The other two classes will also be making us of this website as a reference.

Please take the time to familiarize yourself with the documents posted here for the class.  This site will be the main means for all of us to communicate.  Ask me a question (post it or email or in person) РI will answer it here Рso that everyone can share in the lesson.

Each of the teams in each of the classes will be creating their own project websites and each of these will be linked here.  I will at times ask the two classes to look in at the work of the other Рby visiting and commenting on the team sites.

Be aware that this course is one more credit than the other three building technology courses and will represents 25% more work than your previous courses.

Work hard and learn!