Available for Team meetings – make your appoinment

Monday December 5th

  • 10 AM – Ashley
  • 11 AM – Open
  • 12 AM – Open
  •    2 PM – Open
  •    6 PM – Zog , Vincent, Alimerv, Langston

Tuesday December 6th

  • 10 AM – Ligia and Team
  • 11 AM – Alejandra Catherine and Juan
  • 12 AM – Open

Remember for next class you need a full size sheet plotted with your wall sections and plan details laid out on a sheet for markup in class.

I am making myself available outside of class hours to meet with each team during this week starting on Monday.  One team member should email me with their desired time and I will confirm the appointment.  I will hand out the appointments first come first server and my intention is to give each team an hour.

Monday Dec 5 – appointments will start at 10 am until 4pm.

I will need to break from roughly 12:45-2pm for a meeting an lunch and then will continue again with appointments starting at 2pm – likely ending around 4.  If there is interest I will see if I can stay later on Monday.

Tuesday Dec 6 – appointments will start at 10 am until 12:30

I will need to stop at 12:30 for a meeting followed by my class from 2:30-5:30.

Wednesday Dec 7 – unavailable for appointments.


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