There are 5 basic wall sections as follows:

  1. GYM with Roof & Truss
  2. Atrium with Roof and Truss
  3. Laboratory
  4. Composite showing where GYM meets Atrium
  5. Composite showing where Atrium meets Laboratory

Follow this process:

  1. Start from a building section (scale matches your plans)
  2. Create a callout of the building section to create the wall section
  3. Set the scale of the wall section to 3/4″ = 1′-0″
  4. From the 3/4″ section make additional callouts at 1 1/2″ or 3″

To fit the 3/4″ wall section on the sheet  (in this example the wall section requires 3 columns of space on the sheet)

  1. Select the 3/4″ wall section and begin by cropping the views and move these together as needed.  Assuming this does not fit on the sheet and needs 3 columns do the following:
  2. Repeat the “Duplicate as De pendant” command three times.  Name them Top, Middle and Bottom.
  3. Take each of these and place them next to each other on a sheet (they will not initially fit on the page).  Select which cropping to keep for each.

Add the 1 1/2″ details to the sheets:

  1. Create the next level of callouts and add them to the sheets.

Add isometric views of your details

  1. Use the “Orient to View” technique that we used in the scavenger hunt and create isometric views of your details.  You can do this from either a plan view or a section view.

Print and Redmark:

  1. Print out your details on 11 x 17.
  2. Use a red pen/pencil and add notes – research these on the internet as a start.

Remember the goal is to tell a complete story.

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