Welcome back!

Hope everyone is well rested and ready to work!

Your first assignments due by next class include the following:

  • Create your team website
    • Make the site as a project
    • Invite teammates
    • Make everyone an administrator
    • Invite me to be a member and send me the link
  • Team Interviews
    • Interview each other
    • Take a photo
    • Upload Photo and Interview to Team Website
  • Team Glossary & Daily Log
    • Each team member is to add 3 terms and definitions for each class.
    • On a rotating basis one team member per class should write and upload a class summary.
    • See sample of glossary under assignments & rubrics
  • Sketch and Inventory Assignment
    • Create a minimum of 8 sketches/drawings and include notes etc.
    • Upload finished assignment to your team website
    • Combine all your sketches to a single PDF and upload to Blackboard
  • Review your personal and team schedules to see when you will meet each week
  • In advance of next class – review the handouts posted for day two before the next class meeting


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