Individual Autocad Zoning work is graded – please check blackboard

Below are grading statistics to help  you understand your grade relative to others in the two classes I am teaching this Spring.  F grades were given to those who did not submit.

Comments for Posting:  These are randomized comments on student work for this submission.  Your individual comments have been posted into blackboard.

Applicable sections of zoning text should be highlighted more clearly. Format text into clean columns of consistent width

Update Titlebock for project name. Z1 Text on site plan is too small. No scale shown for drawings.  No Dimensions on drawings.

Sky exposure plane is not drawn correctly.  It begins at the edge of the zoning lot and then intersects the first setback.  Zoning text needs to be highlighted.  Scale of Proposed building is too big.  Proposed building and zoning envelopes should use the same scale.

Update Titlblock – to label as zoning set.  Add sheet numbers.  Do not show color on zoning massing. Nice job on proposed building within zoning envelope – just too big – keep this to one sheet and try to use the same scale as the zoning envelope.  Keep zoning text in columns of uniform width.

Submitted 3 days late.  Submitted only Autocad file – no PDF.  File is not named properly – does not include student name.  Autocad file has missing references so images do not display.  Cannot see environs or zoning text.  Zoning envelopes do not appear correct and no vertical dimensions are shown not is the slope of the sky exposure plane.

Please combine PDF’s into a single file – Environs map is too big and site plan is too small – cannot read dimensions. Do not crop zoning map.  Zoning envelop isometrics are well done but should all be on a single sheet.  Add dimensions to these isometrics.   FAR calculations are again too large –taking up too much space.  Zoning text should be consistent width.  Missing clarification of wide/narrow streets.

All drawings are formatted too large – scales should be reduced. No clarification of wide/narrow streets.  Existing elevations are not necessary – only massing of new building which should be shown within the allowable zoning envelope., No dimensions on site plan.  Zoning envelope for setbacks and sky exposure plane is not correct – Zoning text should be formatted with consistent width columns.

Submission is same as team presentation.  Not formatted on titlblocks as required. Work needs to be resubmitted ASAP.

Why do titlblocks contain the name of a student not  in the class with a date from 2014? All sheets need proper names and titles.  Good attempt on difficulty shaped site and zoning envelope. Sheets are printed inconsistently – at different sizes.  Needs to show more calculations and is missing clear site plan showing site area x FAR, etc. Zoning text should be setup into columns of consistent width.  Needs to provide more labels and dimensions.

Submitted 3 days late.  Individual submission should not include any sheets that were created by other team members. Environs map and zoning text and is identical to another student and has his name on it.  Diagram sheet is identical to another student.  Zoning envelope is drawn at too large a scale and has another students name on it?.  No elevations/sections are included.  No dimension shown for sky exposure slope.   Please explain the inclusion of work by others?

Fix overlapping zoning maps. Add sheet names and numbers. Zoning isometrics are too spread out on a sheet and are difficulty to read.  Should be plotted black.  Add dimensions.  Street Names.  Format zoning text into uniform sized columns.  Fix order of sheets as described by assignment.  Zoning development diagram does not need to be part of the final set.

Zoning maps should indicate location of site.   Only show the overlay of the proposed building on the proposed 100’ x 100’ building lot.  In addition to isometrics the zoning needs to be shown in elevation/section views.  For sky exposure plans massing models you should union together the mass. Unclear why there are dark areas poched on site plan?  Relevant zoning text needs to be highlighted and it should be formatted into equal width columns.

Combine your pdf files into a single PDF.  Site plan is not accurately drawn and shows buildings overlap. Zoning setbacks are incorrect.  Sky exposure plane is not shown.

Please read instructions for assignment and follow guidelines provided for number of sheets, naming of sheets and organization of information.  Only zoning sheets are to be included – no egress or building floor plans.  All drawings are to be formatted on Titleblocks.   Information should not be shown as screen captures from   Zoning text should only be included on sheet Z3.  Sky exposure diagrams are incorrect. Vertical dimensions are not included.  Scale of plans, elevations and isometrics are to be the same. Environs maps are not complete.  Drawing files do not match the pdf plots?

Zoning set should not include egress – this was only part of the group presentation. Zoning map should not be cropped and “environs” plan (not environmental) should show more context – a larger area of downtown Brooklyn.   Sky exposure and setbacks are not shown.   Zoning text should be on its own sheet.  Drawings are not well organized.  Please read assignment instructions more carefully.

Files are not named correctly – does not include student name.  Missing sheet numbers. Missing the environs map and zoning map should not be cropped. Good job with complex 3d model of zoning envelope but this should include elevations or sections as well – not just isometrics. Missing drawn site plan and no dimensions show on any of the drawings. Zoning text should be formatted as 3 – 4 columns of equal width.  Zoning text is incomplete and relevant sections should be highlighted.

File is not named correctly. Zoning envelop with setbacks and sky exposure plane appears correct.  Site plan drawn in AutoCAD with isometrics is not included.   Site Plan, Isometrics and elevations showing the zoning envelop should all be drawn at the same scale. For isometrics do not show dimensions of planes at an angle.  Only dimension the plans, the vertical dimensions and the slope of the sky exposure planes. No calculations are shown.  Zoning text appears incomplete and the relevant sections should be highlighted.

Submitted 1 week late.  Only submitted PDF and no original AutoCAD file.  No color please on environs maps and siteplan.  While setbacks envelope and sky exposure appear correct there should be a combined envelope showing how the sky exposure plane limits the envelope after the first setback.  Dimension are not readable and there need to be more.  No slope indicated for sky exposure on building elevations.   Limited amount of zoning text.  Zoning text should be formatted in 3-4 equal columns and relevant text should be highlighted.

Z1 maps pages show images too small and spaced out. Isometric setbacks and sky exposure are not correct.  Setbacks show a double setback.  No dimensions are provided and there is no site plan drawn in AutoCAD. Zoning text is incomplete and relevant text is not highlighted.  No indication of scale for any of the drawings.

a good set.  Try making the zoning envelope plans and 3d isometrics a consistent scale.

a good set.  I would work on fixing the formatting of the zoning text sheet with calculations.  Try to make three or 4 uniform columns. Add drawings titles and numbers to all sheets.

Site plan should not take up and entire sheet- reduce scale. Do not use color on environs maps. In general all drawings are too big and scale should be reduced.  Calculation text is too large. Isometric line weights are too light to read. Add additional dimensions to zoning envelope isometrics and elevations.  Proposed building isometric is missing. Format zoning text into consistent width columns – 3-4 per sheet.   Set of drawings should be consolidated into fewer sheets.

No color on environs maps. Site plan is too big – reduce scale.  No zoning envelope showing setbacks or sky exposure plane are included?  Zoning text should be formatted into equal width columns 3-4 per sheet.  Do not use screen captures from

Resize zoning map.  No color on environs. Land use should not be on zoning sheets. Zoning calculation text is too large. No color on zoning envelope. Rework formatting. Zoning text should be formatted into equal width columns – 3-4 per sheet.  Do not include excerpts from class lectures as your zoning text – you must source these from the original zoning text. Relevant zoning text should be highlighted.

Do not use color on environs map.  Reduce scale of zoning envelopes –images are too large and take up too much space on the sheet.  Overlay of envelope and new building is good. Zoning text should be formatted using 3-4 equal sized columns of text.

Maps on first sheet should be bigger.  Do not use color on environs map.  Site plans do not identify wide/narrow streets.  Zoning envelope is close but is not correct.  Recheck sky exposure plan – it should be more symmetrical.  Zoning text should be formatted in to 3-4 equal sized columns.

Environs map should not be in color.  Site plan should not take up an entire sheet but should be on same sheet as zoning envelope.  No dimensions are shown on the zoning envelope drawings. Be certain all needed zoning text is included and highlight the relevant text.

Environs map should not be in color.  Complex 3d zoning envelope model and proposed building. No zoning text provided – missing one sheet.

3 days late submission.  PDF uploaded is unreadable – corrupt. Autocad file included shows zoning maps and environs, zoning envelope and zoning text. Zoning map should not be cropped and environs should not be in color. Zoning envelope drawings do not provide any dimensions and do not specify streets as narrow or wide.  Massing only show sky exposure plane and not setbacks. Zoning text is incomplete.  This text should be formatted in 3-4 equal width columns with the relevant sections highlighted. No zoning or FAR calculations are shown.

Environs map should not be in color. Do not use screen captures from  Work on better organization with less empty / white space. Zoning envelopes appears correct but images are too large and no scale is provided.  These images should not be in color but should be line drawings produced using flatshot.  Zoning envelope should be shown also in section/elevation with dimensions. Zoning text should be formatted in equal width columns – 3 or 4 columns per sheet. Site plans do not show designation of narrow/wide sheets.  Relevant text should be highlighted.

Site plan should not take up an entire sheet but should be formatted on the same sheet with the environs and zoning maps.  Good job on zoning envelope – but add additional dimensions to elevations. Highlight relevant zoning text more clearly.

Submitted group presentation and not individual drawings.

Drawings should not be in color.  Environs map should not include an aerial vignette photo.  Zoning envelopes do not properly show setbacks and sky exposure plane and images are not properly formatted on sheet.  Should include elevations/sections with dimensions.  Zoning text should be formatted on sheets divided into equal sized columns – 3 or 4 per sheet.

Do not use color on environs map.  Site plan on second sheet is too large a scale.  Good job on zoning envelope isometric and proposed building isometric. Add additional dimension on elevations of zoning envelope.  Zoning text should be formatted into 3-4 equal width columns.

Site plan on first sheet is too large a scale. Environs should not be in color.  Very nice job on zoning envelope drawings.  For sky exposure plane add dimensions showing ratio of slope instead of dimensions.  For zoning text more clearly highlight relevant sections.

Sheets are not properly plotted and cannot be viewed. Resubmit ASAP.

Sun orientation and land use are not part of zoning sheets. Sheets should not be in color. Isometric views of zoning envelope and proposed building should include dimensions and labels.  Zoning needs to include elevations/sections with dimensions.

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