Remember to post your preliminary Scavenger Hunt

You need to post your Revit file on Blackboard by midnight before next class.  This is a progress grade – intended to keep you working – not a letter grade.  The graded assignment is due before the following class.

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6 Responses to Remember to post your preliminary Scavenger Hunt

  1. Blackboard is not allowing me to submit my Revit file. As soon as I hit submit it says that the site can not be reached.

  2. Francis Kwok says:

    File too big? Revit can be uploaded since i tried…you can try to put ppt instead of rvt at the end. You tried?

  3. Okay I got it now, Blackboard was crashing for the past 30 minutes.

  4. Francis Kwok says:

    where do we post the updated scavenger hunt? You did add a new content on blackboard.

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