Graded Individual – Zoning Set is Due Sunday by Midnight

Remember your zoning set is due for upload to blackboard only on Sunday evening before midnight.

Upload two files as follows:

  1. A PDF plot of your zoning sheets.  1 file that contains all three of your sheets.
  2. Your Autocad file and all referenced files including titleblocks and images.  Make certain your referenced files all have relative paths set.  You should upload all of these as a single compressed zip file – by compressing from your first folder.  Test this before you submit.

There are three sheets by type:

  • Z-1 – The maps – environs, zoning map, site plan
  • Z-2 – The zoning envelope – Isometrics, site plan and elevations showing setbacks and sky exposure and a second isometric showing the underlay of your building within the zoning envelope.  Also include  your calculations for FAR.
  • Z-3 – The zoning text that justifies your conclusions.  Remember you need to justify both the things you needed to do and those things you did not need to do (for example side yards)

If you need more than one sheet in any of these categories – number then Z1.1, Z1.2 or Z1A, Z1B etc.

Include labels and dimensions as needed.  Drawings are not to be in color!.  Be clear, concise and accurate.  Pay attention to formatting and graphics, etc.

To be clear this is an AUTOCAD assignment.  You are not to do the work in any other cad program including but not limited to Illustrator or Rhino.  You may use other programs to modify image files.

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