Due for next week – both classes

Monday is a holiday so next week we only meet once on Wednesday and Thursday.

Zoning Assignments:  (these are all individual assignments and all are due midnight the day before your class)

  1. Complete all 8 FAR and OSR worksheets.  Scan and upload as a single PDF to Blackboard.
  2. Build a 3d massing model of your building in Autocad.  Please create 4 isometric views (SW/NW/NE/SE)- using flatshot – and format these on a titleblock – 22  x 34.  (upload as an Autocad File and as a plotted PDF)
  3. First Zoning Sheet in Autocad to include: (Site Plan, Environs Map, Zoning Map) (this is to be uploaded both as an Autocad file and as a plotted PDF.
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3 Responses to Due for next week – both classes

  1. Francis Kwok says:

    Can you explain more in detail of the zoning sheet ? Are the siteplan, environs map, and zoning map just screenshots from oasis? That is where i got lost in class.

  2. Can you please go over this in class tomorrow in detail? Im confused and a little lost

  3. Eduardo says:

    Professor, can you explain part 3 a bit more

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