Team 3

Team Presentation

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15 Responses to Team 3

  1. diego says:

    -didn’t clarify individual Façade
    -Include dimension on the grids

  2. SkyeC says:

    Consider adding dimensions and indications of where the columns would be placed as well as size of mechanical room.

  3. Daria says:

    to figure out where a mechanical is gonna be in the building, conciser that it need 25% of a floor

  4. -Not enough individual facade choices.
    -Incorporate what you noticed about your case study. You analyzed, it but I don’t think you connected it back to your project.

  5. Over all good details, need to fix some graphics they’re a little blurry and organize each slider a little more.

  6. One thing as I’m going through the slides is that some are the text for hard to see. Presentation were okay.

  7. Francis Kwok says:

    -speak more clearly of what you want to say

  8. i like it . just maybe add a more diagrams of the location.

  9. i like it . just maybe add a more diagrams of the location.

  10. i like it . just maybe add a more diagrams of the location.

  11. Daniel says:

    Add some more diagrams

  12. The material slide was really nice. It could be organized a little bit better though. Also, add more diagrams, or improve the ones that you have so that they explain more.

  13. Nice graphics, the information on the “program of spaces (changes)” slide is hard to read. Make the text bigger.

  14. The Precedent study is very clear that they had an understanding of what they were looking for. Diagrams need more of an explanation.

  15. the structural grid you laid out changes throughout the floors try to find a way to keep it consistent to fit your whole building.

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