Team 1 Presentation- Rahma, Skye, Diego, Daniel

SkyeC.RahmaA.DiegoA.DanielC._04 Team Building Analysis Presentation_020817.pdf

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14 Responses to Team 1 Presentation- Rahma, Skye, Diego, Daniel

  1. Daria says:

    to add dimensions for a grid
    to figure out how air travels into the building
    to add special exercise rooms (as yoga) add more photos to show those rooms.

  2. I would like to know about how you would incorporate the programs and arrangement you saw in your case studies, and how will it influence your building?

  3. -Improve site analysis (more diagrams).
    -Connect case studies to our project.

  4. SkyeC says:

    Research individual material choices and re-think direction of air flow.

  5. diego says:

    -Include a sun diagram on site analysis

  6. Daniel says:

    Create more diagrams

  7. Really good presentation. I like the diagrams and there was a lot of information provided. Needs a sun diagram.

  8. Jcguzman says:

    awesome site analysis and case studies really enjoyed the presentation

  9. I think it was the best presentation, liked your organization and details but maybe don’t bunch up so many things together, it makes it hard to see the text of somethings

  10. Everything was well presented and explained but need to add section drawing(s).

  11. Francis Kwok says:

    -site analysis can be spread out more to multiple sheets of paper instead of one

  12. Good images and presentation was very good. Just needs a sun diagram

  13. The hand drawings are nice, and the presentation was nicely done, just include more diagrams, and clear and useful information

  14. The material was well thought out and presented. Improvement on the diagrams for what they plan to change and their site analysis.

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