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Student’s architectural vocabulary library. Please post your word and definition.

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  1. annettesheila

    Void- This term refers to removing the content of a solid. In architecture is done to make the design dynamic, and to allow light to penetrate.
    Dynamic- An object in motion.

  2. christianplaza

    munsell – A.H. Munsell was a U.S. painter (1858-1918) who developed a color classification system for chroma (saturation or purity), hue (position in the spectrum), and value (brightness).

  3. annettesheila

    Graphic Scale: A graphic scale is a linear drawing or a like ruler drawing which tell us a dimention of a line. It is important to be include in architectural drawings because no matter what scale the drawing is print to the graphic scale (the line drawing) will remain constant.

  4. annettesheila

    Abstract Model: An abstract model does not represent or looks like any already existing form or object. Is like ideas put toguether to form something unique, strange, different.


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