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Visual Studies II builds on the knowledge of architectural representation and visualization obtained in ARCH 1111 and ARCH 1191. This course is taken in tandem with ARCH 1211. (Architectural Design II: Foundations), and focuses particularly on: precise crafting of physical and analogue models and architectural presentations, analogue and digital rendering techniques, and representation of geospatial information. The course provides the tools for students in their design work by strengthening their skills visually, verbally, and graphically so they may demonstrate their fluency in and understanding of key design vocabulary, concepts, and visual techniques.


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A confirmation will come up saying to activate your account access your cuny emil, you have one if you don’t know it it’s your and your password is MM/DD/YR & last four digits of S.S.


After step 2 then  just enter your email and confirm, and you are a member of the website.



Caption: Professor’s Last Name, underscore, semester letter (Winter,
Spring, Summer, Fall) and last two‐digits of the year, underscore, student’s
first name, hyphen, student’s last name, space, parenthesis with photo
number (if you have more than one image for this student), dot file
extension. Name files before uploading.
example: Valdez_S11_Tim‐Villa (01).jpg

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