Professor Montgomery | OL44 | Spring 2021

Final Reflection

Please respond to this prompt by replying below with an approx. 100 word reflection:

How has this class’s emphasis on drawing and reading/note taking impacted your study of architecture?


  1. Derrick Seegars

    This class, which has focused heavily on note taking and drawing, has really helped me fine tune my skills in those areas. My notes are now more organized, detailed, and better able to summarize the material without wasting space, time, and non-important details. The class has helped me absorb and retain information in ways that I wasn’t able to do before. Specifically going through the materials, its benefits and disadvantages were particularly enjoyable for me, and I know I will keep that information stored with me as I go throughout my career. One of my weaker areas was with how to do architectural drawings. This class helped me fine tune those skills and become more neat as that was also a skill I needed to develop more in-depth.

  2. Brian Bacuilima

    I’m learning so much about architecture thanks to my reading note taking skills. When I first began learning about architecture, I thought it was all about drawing and measurements, but now I see that there’s more to it than what I previously thought. Architecture involves critical reading, annotating and note taking in order to fully understand the material that you’re trying to learn. I believe that these skills that I’m currently learning in this coarse would not just help me pass, but to use them in my daily life when I want to learn about something new.

    • Luka Vardoshvili

      I agree architecture is more than just drawings and math. At first, I thought the same way you did, but now I realized that you must be able to read and understand material well without distractions and waste of time. You need note taking skills and many others.

  3. Luka Vardoshvili

    This class helped me to develop drawing skill, note taking skills, and readings helped me understand structure and materials that are used in buildings. I learned many important drawing styles and tricks to achieve good performance. Learning how to take notes properly saved me a huge amount of time. It helped me to understand the reading materials and now I can go back to them and read it anytime I want. I learned importance of accurate math calculations for construction and how little details might affect the whole building.

    Architecture is very complicated and hard, and this class’s emphasis on drawing and reading/note taking taught me the most basic and extremely important knowledge that I must have for higher architectural education.

    • Nasir McIntosh

      I couldn’t agree more with the time efficiency! Recognizing and filtering out the most important aspects of a reading truly improved my understanding and memorization. Not to mention my graphic notes are way more organized than before! XD Architecture is very involved, but this class eased the information into our minds smoothly.

    • Brian Bacuilima

      I agree. When I started learning architecture, I never imagined how hard it was going to be until now. But using reading and note taking skills can make the experience easier. Architecture is much more than just technical drawings.

  4. Jacob Cadavid

    In this class there have been a lot of opportunities to better understand architecture and its attributes, one is because of the drawing and sketches which helped me to improve and learn from them, as well as improve on my work ethic and use of time. The emphasis on reading and note taking took it further to the extent where I was learning more about technique and application in the real world, I enjoyed that aspect of it because it further expanded my understanding of other facets of architecture. The strategies of note taking created a good way of taking in the material and actually learning from it. Overall the emphasis on touching every element of architecture has helped me refine my skills and techniques.

  5. Derek N.

    This class changed my view of the fact that it’s not just taking down notes and dimensions like a robot, but to really look and understand the work provided. To think for ourselves with how to start and finish a drawing. I feel like we retain more of our skills and memory for thinking like that and practicing active reading to take notes. Overall, this course helped me retouch my skills and techniques for the future.

  6. Nasir McIntosh

    This class has taught me to be extremely efficient with my note taking. Instead of expending hours towards recording every single detail, I now prioritize the most important concepts and organize my thoughts in a neater manner. My graphic notes are less in depth, and made more simplistic. I like to draw, and at times I could get carried away XD. So now I mainly focus on capturing the main aspects of architectural diagrams.

    • Jacob Cadavid

      I agree with the efficient note taking, it really helps to organize and get down the important details on the material, and it even helps to understand the topics better because you have strategies like mapping to organize them.

  7. Star Aiken

    Throughout this class as the drawings and readings became a big emphasis i learned how to properly detail whether its writing or drawing. learning the importance of note taking while learning about structures and building materials opened my eyes to see the world differently. Now that i have some knowledge on how things work or correct measurements i see buildings daily and question structures or what was used. while gaining the skill of understanding my work and grasping the main point from it. I’m glad i got to take this course.

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