Everyone, please see the policy guidance from the college if you are likely to fail a course this semester:

      There is NO pass/fail or credit/no credit option available for students for spring 2021. ·         Students with an INC  for Spring 2021 who have applied for graduation will be denied, since they will not have completed all degree requirements, and they then need to apply for graduation again the following term after completing the grade. ·         

The¬†withdrawal deadline¬†for the Spring 2021 semester is also fast approaching‚ÄĒit is¬†Monday, May¬†17, 2021.¬†¬† ¬† ¬† ¬† ¬†

Students should withdraw from a course rather than be offered an INC grade if they: o   Stopped participating in the last few weeks of class and have not been in touch since, oro   Have more than 1-2 assignments representing more than 25% of their grade to make up. 

Please note the following: 

o   A W grade has no GPA impact.

o   If the course from which the student withdraws is an elective or a selection in a pool of courses, the student may retake the same course or choose a different one in that category.o   If the course from which the student withdraws is a degree required, the student will have to retake and pass the course. The student should immediately re-register to take the withdrawn course the following semester and drop any course that requires the withdrawn course as a prerequisite.