Professor Montgomery | OL44 | Spring 2021

Reflection on Structural Discussion

Please reply to this post with a reflection (100 words) that addresses this prompt:

Do you consider structure when you design projects for studio? How will this class influence your thinking about structure when you design your next project?



    Yes, I very much consider the structure of the building or model when designing it. I not only look to create a structure that is aesthetically pleasing, but one that also has strong structural integrity so that it can maintain itself against gravity and other later forces. Using triangles and cross-bracing are effective shapes and methods to building structures as they are the strongest elements found in nature.

    • Star Aiken

      Having this knowledge definitely helps you think further into projects.

    • Jacob Cadavid

      I agree with the choice in shapes, good idea to relate to nature. Also thinking about outside forces is important

    • Luka Vardoshvili

      I agree with you that building structures should have strong integrity, because some forces (earthquakes) can damage the structure of a building over time, and it is important to create strong structure so that would not be a problem

  2. Vincent

    When designing projects for studio, I have considered structures slightly. At first I haven’t thought too much about it, but after the presentation I am starting to put more thought in the structure. This class will influence my thinking about structure when I design my next project through the consideration of what type of structure I will implement in my project.

    • Star Aiken

      i completely agree i did the same not really noticing structures as much.

    • Luka Vardoshvili

      I also didn’t think about structure at first and I thought it was an easy step to understand but it came out that it is very complicated and it should be very carefully designed

    • Derrick Seegars

      I agree with Vincent, that this class will help me further consider the structure when designing my new projects. I have learned a lot about ways that can be effective when designing a structure from this class and the readings

  3. Luka Vardoshvili

    I consider structure when I design projects for studios. It is crucial for designers to be very familiar with structures to create the suitable design. The structure of the design or building must be well calculated so it can be safe and constructed to support and transmit applied gravity and lateral loads safely to the ground without exceeding the allowable stresses in its members. The structure that I will create will against gravity and all other forces. If those important structure elements are not provided, buildings might collapse and cause casualties.
    So, this class will help me understand more about structure and structural systems, and it will help me to create beautiful, solid, and firm building.

    • Vincent

      I agree that the structure must be calculated thoroughly in order to provide enough support for the building and be safe for people.

    • Nasir McIntosh

      Definitely agree. Especially where you touched on possible chaotic failures that could result in lawsuits. Like you said, there are many variations of structure, and the challenge/fun in that is knowing what to use and when to apply it to create the fairest structural rigidity.

    • Michael Ramirez

      I agree that designers should be familiar with structures so they can understand what they’re building

  4. Nasir McIntosh

    We’re always supposed to consider structure when designing anything. Whether it be for standard gravitational purposes, or partition combinations. We often consider structure in order to house the main feature/function of a building or room. But one thing I admire about this class is that we are taught to utilize every aspect, to be conscious of every component of a building, including structure. Complex structures attract the eye and amaze the mind.

    • Vincent

      I agree that structures are complex and can attract and amaze people.

    • Jacob Cadavid

      Agreed, structure has an important role in the function of a building.

  5. Star Aiken

    usually, when i’m designing for studio i just try to design thinking out the box in a unique way and never really thought about the structure till after it was designed. I would have my idea first then lay out how my idea could work. Being in the class opened my eyes a lot because it’s like a foundation of design. You can’t have one without the other and i was missing that. Now that i have this structural knowledge and making it continue to grow i am able to take my design a step further. Making sure i go into every detail on how my model works and the what ifs or do’s and don’ts.

    • Nasir McIntosh

      SAME XD! A few years ago, I thought the goal of modern architecture was to be as unique and wacky as possible. My rationale was to design a structural system simply to house a design, ignoring the fact that both structure and design could fuse beautifully, and that’s the true challenge. Being conscious of every single detail and the ability to use one to compliment the other.

  6. Jacob Cadavid

    When designing projects for studio, structure is the first thing that I would think about because there has to be an overall parti or concept that will define the design. The structure will have the role of both outlining the composition and determining the spaces where people will inhabit, and where walls and partitions will be. In thinking about structure, this class influences my choices and decisions about structure in design. The decisions have to be carefully thought out because a structure essentially makes or breaks the composition, it is important to plan out an outline carefully to have order and organization in the design


      Jacob is right, it is important to plan and outline your structure down to the smallest detail to ensure that the building or structure is safe and meets building codes and standards.

    • Shaniqua Brown

      Agreed, same here

  7. Brian Bacuilima

    Of coarse! It’s important for me to consider structure because its the key to hold up any building. If a project is on designing a building, I should always consider how the building’s interior or exterior structure is designed. For example, if I had to design a wind resistant building, I should consider using cross bracing in order for the building to withstand any wind speed. I’m glad that this class is able to teach me so much about structure and the benefits they bring to buildings. Interior and exterior structures are not just there to look pretty to people, but they serve a great purpose for buildings themselves.

    • Shaniqua Brown

      True, I agree

  8. Jonathan Romero

    I think it’s important to think about structure when designing a building because a building won’t last without proper structure. That being said I think you should find a good balance in structure and aesthetics. Some structures are aesthetically pleasing while still maintaining structural integrity while some are not. I think personally I’d prefer to rely on structure to stay on the safe side and to prevent being fined in the real world.

  9. Shaniqua Brown

    Yes, I do consider structures when I’m completing design projects.This class will influence my creativity and critical thinking for my next project to understanding balance, relationship structures have in order to be developed, the rules and regulations of durable elements for building various structures. In addition structures has opened my mind to appreciate the detail, design, and planning of structures.

  10. Michael Ramirez

    I do consider structure when designing projects because a structure can help with how the overall building will look like. Structure can also help how the interior and exterior of the building will look like. It can help with what materials I should use for the strength and stability of the building. This class will help me influence my thinking about structure when I design my next project so I can get a better understanding of structures and what can be the positives and negatives of what to put in a structure.

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