Professor Montgomery | OL44 | Spring 2021

Setting Up New Drawings Like the Plan Detail we Discussed Today

Please reflect on what is critical to be focused on when you set up a new drawing like the one we reviewed today.


  1. Johnathon Abrego

    One of the most critical steps on setting up a new drawing is to start of by making the right grid lines.

  2. Derrick Seegars

    It is critical to focus on the dimensions, using guidelines as well as your line weights to help identify different structural elements within the drawing. Setting up a drawing with the proper dimensions and layout and grid lines is critical to making sure the rest of the drawing is oriented correctly as well as the proper placement of materials/structures.

  3. Kiaralisis De La Rosa

    Today’s class were important details of how we can start our new module drawing. The professor was using class time to show us how we can start and the measurements we should use. This class was very helpful because I left the class knowing what I’m supposed to do to give in my module drawing . One of the critical steps I learned Was Using the correct grid lines before stating my drawing.

  4. Jacob Cadavid

    It is critical to be focused on measurements and relationships between the segments of a plan, in this case, the relationships between the masonry units, openings and the pilasters. When setting up a drawing like this one, guidelines help to line up and locate where each thing goes, and sets up locations for midlines, and relationships.

  5. Derek Nieto

    When setting up a new drawing, it is critical that we focus on setting up guide lines to help point out the main points. We then take measurements and implement them on the guidelines to get the right dimensions. We need to focus on where the best parts are to work on to have an easy flow and not be robotic from going left to right. We can also use labeling of certain guidelines to identify which parts of your drawing and not mistakenly cross over.

  6. Shaniqua

    It is critical to pay attention to the symmetry, line definition, the dimensions, and understanding the layers of model. In addition understanding the structure of the model with the building relationship.

  7. Vincent

    When setting up new drawings it is critical to draw guidelines. By setting up guidelines it would help in setting up where to start drawing. It is also critical to focus on the measurements and line weight. By having the correct measurements, the drawing would not look feasible and having line weights would help with identifying the placement of parts of the building.

  8. Jonathan Romero

    Don’t start from the left and work your right. Make sure your lines are parallel as well as having proper guidelines. Use proper line thickness and have a proper grid to understand where you are drawing

  9. Abigail

    Critical steps I learned for drawing a detail plan is, starting out with guide line , this is important because it makes the drawings more accurate. Also doing this I learn different structural elements and the width and length and height of it by doing this. You can also see the placement of the materials as you go and you will understand it better with practice.

  10. Star Aiken

    When setting up an axon drawing like today it is critical that we have the proper guidelines and angles. The angle will help us see it in an axonometric viewpoint. As for guidelines it helps us know where certain lines should be. We will be doing a peel away so we’d be able to see the exterior building structure. Which includes the layers that plays a role in this 3d axon drawing.

  11. Brian Bacuilima

    Before I even begin drawing, I always analyze the provided dimensions and scale. I think this is the most critical thing to be focused on because if I don’t read them carefully, I can make lots of mistakes. Using dimensions correctly will lead to a perfect drawing. Reference lines are also critical because they are based on the dimensions and they can aid me when I draw. Also because they make my drawings look more like a human drew them and not a machine.

  12. Nasir McIntosh

    When setting up a new draft, it’s important to establish guidelines to use throughout the draft. This ensures that all the components properly relate to one another rather than individually measuring every dimension. It’s also important to organize the components from basic to more complex, while starting with a certain component could complicate the rest of the draft.

  13. Luka Vardoshvili

    It is critical to be focused on to where to begin after you set up a new drawing. it is also important know the measurements of the building layers and materials, you also should know the steps to follow to complete the work properly (In this lecture we talked about all of the information that we need to start new drawing).
    But, we should not just follow the steps without fully understanding why do we need to do that way. we should understand why are those layers that we discussed ion class arranged that way and what are the purpose of arranging them this way.
    In overall my point is that we have to understand why are we following and learning the information provided by architecture school and book.

  14. Azizjon

    Today’s class was one of the most informational classes yet in terms of how to set up the drawing and how to draw it. Also one of the important and useful steps I learned today was using the correct grid lines before stating my drawing.

  15. Wilmer Pacumio

    When starting a new drawing there are some critical things you have to pay attention to. One critcal thing is being neat. You have to organize your paper to minimalize mistakes. Using guidelines in your drawings to know where to draw things and to make them aligned. You should also pay attention to the way you are drawing your lines, such as straightness and lineweight. This can visually make a big difference in your drawing. Anotehr thing to pay attention to while drawing is how certain parts of the drawing relate to each other. Understanding those relationships can make drawing easier.

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