Professor Montgomery | OL44 | Spring 2021

Class Introductions


I am very excited for a new semester, even in this very challenging time. I am excited because I am so happy to work with each of you to help you continue your journey towards a degree and a better future. 

I am an architect, urban designer, and educator. My journey has taken me to many corners of the world, including Pittsburgh, South Bend Indiana, London, and New York, with travel to fascinating places like  Morocco, Mali, and Montana to name a few. I am an avid observer when I study the places I am designing projects so I can better understand the place and local people and culture. To learn about me, see my website portfolio here:

Great Mosque of Djenne, Mali

View of Piazza Maggiore, Bologna, Italy

Please introduce yourself to me and your classmates. You can do this by adding a comment to this post. You could include your academic interests, why you chose your major, what you enjoy reading, listening to, watching, and doing in your spare time, or anything else you want to share (include your pronouns, if you wish).

Before our first class, please add your introduction and read any comments to your introduction. Please also read your classmates introductions. 

Get to know your classmates! Reply to one of your classmates’ comments. Do you have something in common? Did you learn something? Be kind.


  1. Vincent

    My name is Vincent Zheng. I chose architecture as my major because I want to design and construct buildings. I enjoy reading fictional novels. I enjoy most genres of music except rap. On my spare time I would read novels on my phone or play video games.

  2. Derek N.

    Hey, my name is Derek Nieto I chose Architecture because I think looking at pieces of work fascinating and give inspiration to possible future work or ideas, I listen to all genres but country not so much, I workout and try to squeeze in some video games.

    • Xhulioarch

      What video games ? Do they have something to do with architecture like Minecraft or fortnite?

      • Derek Nieto

        Well I used to play Minecraft a while back its cool to build some structures, but I mostly play fighting games and COD.

  3. Star Aiken

    Hi, My name is Star Aiken and the reason why I chose to study architecture because I grew a passion for observing all the different kinds of buildings and it brought my imagination to a different place where I could design and do my own creations. On my free time i like to design,build,do art,and fitness. Aside from school I teach kids gymnastics.

  4. Abigail

    My name is Abigail Duesbury. I chose architecture as my major because in high school I majored in visual arts and I’ve had the thought of doing animation but I soon found out in high school that animation wasn’t the field I wanted to put myself in. I found myself doing drawings such as sceneries bridges and parts of NYC for our school art show. I was in the ACE program ( architecture, construction, and engineering) and I enjoyed the time I spent in the program and that’s really seal the deal in me wanting to study architecture ( even though it can be overwhelming and difficult at times

  5. Xhulioarch

    Good morning to the architect to be and professor Montgomery my name is Xhulio Salillari I am a student at city tech. My major is architecture because the matter of space that forms around us changes everyday instead of seeing a building as a job site Why can’t we look at the space as an organism that lives and breathes just like we do. The steam from the skyscrapers can be like air that we breathe the facade can be our like our skin the interior like our organs like the electrical wiring and gas lines. The more we see buildings change in technology or design we have to evaluate and adapt to what’s going on before we get left in the past. I don’t know I’m about you but I’m trying to be in the future. Thank you .

  6. Jacob Cadavid

    Hello class my name is Jacob Cadavid. My major is Architectural technology, and I chose to pursue this major because I enjoy the design and software that goes into the Architecture field, and want to invest myself into the design aspect of architecture in the form of physical and software model making (e.g, CAD,Rhino,etc…). I also really like business and management.

  7. Johnathon Abrego

    Hi my name is Johnathon Abrego, I chose architecture as my major bc I like drawing and designing and wish to find a job that is around those two. Not that good with tech computer stuff but if it’s drawing then I’m fast and accurate. As of free time I like to watch anime aswell as video games, mostly open world fantasy ones.

  8. Vincent

    I also like to watch anime and play open world games. Mostly fantasy as well.

  9. Lira Dauti

    Hi my name is Lira Dauti, my pronouns are she/her and my major is Architectural Technology and the reason is that I have always liked technical drawings and always enjoyed their precision and beauty. Growing up in Italy I was always surrounded by beautiful building, churches and theaters, and after moving to New York I got to experience another kind of architecture that made me even more interested. I like classical music, hiking and I am an earring enthusiast.

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