Over the course of the semester I’ve grown a lot both as an individual and as an architectural student. I’ve been taught about patience and attention to detail because it matters. It shows that you care. I initially was a bit afraid because I had never taken a class that was drafting intensive. The patience, passion, and enthusiasm to teach the subject was definitely helpful. I can say that I’ve learned a lot when I didn’t expect it because we are doing online classes. Being a visual learner, this was a bit challenging, but the explanations and images shown during class presentations definitely helped me grasp the material faster. One of the best qualities that I was confronted with was being able to manage time. The assignments and deadlines were fair, but they definitely put into perspective being able to manage my time and be careful with what I do with my time. Create a plan that both benefits you personally and academically. It’s about finding a balance between work and personal time.