Everyone, I reviewing your first three note submissions plus your Stair sketch:

  1. Building Elements
  2. Egress
  3. Stairs
  4. Measured sketch of a stair in plan view and section.

If you have not submitted #2 or #3, please do so ASAP.

Many of you “jump in” to the notes without any summary or concept map to articulate the big picture of the concepts you are reading about. This is an important step in note taking precisely as it has a significant impact on your learning and thinking about things.

We are studying together technical aspects of architecture and construction, many of which may be new to you. You will benefit significantly from challenging yourself to draw a concept map each time to encapsulate your understanding of the topic in a hierarchal structure. Then, write a paragraph that translates the concept map into a summary description in your own words.

Remember that for each group of notes in the three modules, you are being graded on summarizing and concept mapping in addition to note organization, paraphrasing, and good coverage of material in bullet points as well as sketches/diagrams. These sketches and diagrams should be distributed throughout the notes rather than concentrated at the beginning or end.

We will discuss this more in class next week.

If you have questions, use the reply/comment box below this post or email me,

Prof. Montgomery