Class Info

  • Date: March 23
  • Time: 8:30am-12:40pm
  • Meeting Info: Class will meet on Zoom. See this link for more details


To-Do Before Class

  • Read Ching BCI on Building Envelop 7.02, 7.18, .22, 7.28-30, 7.39-41, 7.44-46
    • Submit scanned + formatted Reading Notes+ Sketches
    • Due Monday March 22, 6pm to dropbox here
  • Case Study Masonry Wall: Complete Plan Detail
  • Case Study Masonry Wall: Draw Axonometric Detail
    • See Assignment Instructions for dimension info on height levels
    • Draw Bond Beam at head of masonry opening; do not draw flashing or sills yet
    • See video links for guidelines to drawing the axon
    • Submit to Dropbox here by Monday March 22, 6pm


  • Building Envelop Thermal +Moisture Protection

  • Exterior Envelop Performance Requirements (Windows)


  • Review and Discuss Role of Flashing + Insulation in Exterior Envelopes
  • Review Module II Drawing Progress (Plan Detail + Axon Detail)


  • Presentation: Readings from chapter 7: see pages above — Group 4
    • Discussion
  • Module II Drawing Assignment Progress Review
    • Plan Detail + Axon Detail
  • Break
  • Module II Drawing Assignment Demo
      • Wall Section

To-Do After Class

  • Continued Module 2 drawing assignment progress
  • Draw your Plan Detail if you haven’t yet
  • Draw your Axonometric — use your Plan as underlay
    • Rotate your Plan to 30 degree angle from your parallel (t-square)
    • On a new sheet of paper – start your Axon by bringing up the vertical lines of the highest pier — the one on the left
    • See resources here for the axon videos
    • See samples here for your drawing
    • For heights see this link — scroll down to Detail Images to the Section drawing
  • If you have made progress on your Axon drawing, Start your Section
  • If you get stuck on your Axon drawing, start your Section
  • Module 2 drawings due the night before class in Dropbox – Monday April 5 at 6pm

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