At the beginning of the semester, my writing was more organized and had more flow to it compared to now I personally feel like it’s a little less more organized. I could take this into consideration by making sure I have everything I need to know so that it’ll be easier to type what I need to type. Some lessons that have stuck with me after learning it was the lesson about reflection. I never knew how important it is to be able to reflect on ourselves until after the lesson. Those are some of the lessons that I’ll be able to use later on in the present and future. The different types of genres have influenced my writing by expanding my mind into learning different things than being able to apply that into the assignments while being interested at the same time. Some of my early assumptions about myself with reading is writing is that it’ll be difficult, I realized that if I go at a pace that I’m comfortable with then I’ll be able to succeed with doing both writing and reading. These assumptions changed by gaining more confidence in myself and being able to push me more on days when I wanted to give up. Revising my assignments wasn’t easy for me. To go back and re-read something that I thought didn’t need any revising was a little bit more challenging. I personally didn’t have any expectations on what I was going to learn in this course but I did expect to learn different lessons from the lessons I’ve learned in high school. Overall, working in an FYLC with ARCH 1101 has influenced the experienced I had in this course by opening my eyes to different things that I never knew and also making learning more difficult in some aspects and giving me the energy to finish what needed to be finished.