While working on project 2, I realized that it is important to calmly collect your thoughts and reflect on what is going on in the environment around you.  Architectural technology is time consuming and can get messy and unorganized, however thanks to the research I have done throughout project 2, I have learned how to keep my workload organized. I have learned that it is better to divide your work instead of trying to work on it in one sitting because after a while of working on an assignment it is easy to lose the motivation. To keep the motivation alive, reflection is necessary no matter what stage you are at in your life. Reflecting on what has happened in the past and what is current, is a way to think about what can be altered or changed that will allow a beneficial outcome for a person’s day-to-day schedule. Before this project, I knew that there is an importance on self-reflecting, but what I did not realize was that there are steps that can be taken that can really help put your thought into perspective such as meditation and talking/communication to someone. When I start to hear myself talk about my thoughts, it is very helpful to me to know how to face whatever problem I may be going through or whatever situation I may be in.

My goal is to grab the attention of architecture students, specifically those who are incoming freshman like myself who must spend their first year at home due to what is happening with the pandemic. Architecture can already be a bit frustrating and complicated but now even more so since we cannot physically go on campus. When going to school in person, we are able to retain any information and feedback better than when we are watching through a screen. Although we have been taught in ways that help adapt to these circumstances, it does not make the understanding of the workload any easier. Personally, I have felt a very big overwhelming feeling with school since everything has been online and I have felt as if there is more pressure with school being fully online. It is for that reason why I try to make my writing speak to architecture students and students in general. When it comes to being an architecture major, it is very helpful to be in a classroom where the students have the necessary tools on site, professors who can walk around to see what we are working on and make suggestions right then and there. Of course, professors are still making their suggestions when they see our work through the computer but having a visual of what is being talked about can be extremely helpful.  

My purpose for sharing this information to my audience is to inform them of what can be helpful in moments of stress, frustration and confusion. While working on project 2, I talked about articles that gave tips on how to get the most out of your career, how to make changes within your workspace to produce the best work and tips on how to stay motivated. I believe that these tips can be helpful to anyone in general, but they can be more effective to students who are learning from home because of the pandemic. This semester, I realized that it can be easy to lose your track, which is why I chose to write my project for those who feel like they need an extra push to continue producing the best work that can be made. Although there are people who have great organization skills and time management skills, these tips can make a big difference to how a person chooses to start and complete their work. Also, by taking these tips seriously and trying to apply them into to average daily schedule, there can be less frustration, better practice with managing your time, and how to keep your motivation alive if and when you are having a feeling of lost of motivation. I would say the genre would be an article about self-reflection and “space of reflection” because in project 2, I try to inform the audience to take in the space around them, collect their thoughts and use these tips so they can benefit their time in general. I would like to persuade my intended audience to take time out of their busy schedule to reflect on how they see themselves and how they view the environment around them. Self-reflection is very important because it can be beneficial to someone’s mental health. Knowing that your mental health is at a good level is more important that making sure your daily tasks are done jut to be done without any effort. While working on project 2, I found my research very helpful because I read about tips such as having motivational quotes/sayings in front of you to motivate you to continue pursuing what you are doing.