While researching in project 2 I learned a lot about music, some Information I want to convey is how beneficial it is, music is often something we lean on for happiness or motivation however it can actually do many things for us such as, enhance your creativity and help you focus. According to “The Science Behind Music’s Impact On Creativity”,  A theory is that music stimulates the brain in “ways that promote “flexible thinking,” which leads to unconventional or innovative ideas”. Music encourages original ideas and thinking, it also lowers anxiety which a lot of people suffer from, and improves your mood. According to “How Does Music Affect Your Mood?” it states “ The individuals that listened to music during surgery required less pain medication than those that did not enjoy music.” It can also assist with chronic conditions, heart rate, self-esteem, and confidence. So it can help you physically and emotionally. In another source “How Does Music Make You Feel” by Dr. Jenny Brockis there’s a short video of people speaking on their personal experience with music. They speak on how they work better when listening to music, they moved faster, stayed focused, and were more productive. They express how it can help with any type of work, puzzles, tests, or in business work. In an experiment conducted 9/10 people worked better while listening to music.

My audience is artists, whether it’s painting, sculpture, architecture, or literature. I choose artists as an audience because they deal with more creative practice which relates to my research. This research relates to my audience because they fall into the category where music is beneficial for them, Music stimulates creativity which all artists are known to have. They probably don’t know much about the subject besides that music makes them happy. It all depends on the person but I’m pretty sure their focus is elsewhere. My purpose is to simply inform my audience of how helpful music is because I know how hard it can be you are expected of so much and often get stuck, this is something to make the journey a little easier. A question they would probably have is what type of music to listen to and would probably expect it to enhance their work right away. 

One reason this information is useful for artists is because it will benefit them work-wise. Music can enhance their creativity in their projects and compositions. There are many moments when even myself is stuck or feel limited while working on a project or in need of inspiration, to help make that hurdle better you can listen to music. If you often get distracted or procrastinate music can actually help you stay focused. If you are on a deadline a piece of more upbeat music can push you to work faster. Another reason is confidence. Listening to music can boost your emotional state and confidence. What does this mean for your work? Having more confidence means you will be more positive and proud of your work, having a deep pleasure and satisfaction from your work is important. When working in this type of field presentation and confidence is key, how you present yourself and your work says a lot about you as a person.

Some genres I would use to research my audience are magazines, blog posts, and social media. I choose those genres because magazines are imaged based which is a place artists would show their work, social media is a common platform where most artists feel comfortable to display their work.