There are many times where people just need to sit down and relax. During this time they may sit and think deep or reflect. During their work they may also think deeply and reflect on what they are doing. Overall, everyone takes time to reflect. It doesn’t really matter what you are working on whether it be Physical, spiritual Emotional, Mental, you may always find yourself reflecting on yourself or what your working on. Their are other components that help in your reflection. One of the more important components is your surroundings. As an architecture student I know finding a certain space when I want to reflect on my work is important, as it is for other Architecture students and professionals. However, what spaces do we choose for reflection. This question is very interesting since you want to choose your space for reflection carefully. There may be many things to consider when choosing your space which makes you want to research more. Through my research I feel like I will find the answer of what is the ideal space for reflection.

Grisman , Gillian. “Peace Corner: Creating Safe Space for Reflection.” Youtube, Edutopia , 5 Feb. 2018,

The genre of this specific source is a You tube video. Through the video they explore Nashville’s Fall Hamilton Elementary School and a practice the school posses. The school has incorporated “Peace Corners” into each of their classrooms in order to provide children with a safe space to reflect and manage their emotions. The main point of the video is to explain how this little area can impact the emotions of the kids in a positive way. If they are feeling stuck, unmotivated, angry, etc., they are able to go to this corner and reflect on what may be wrong in order to proceed with their day. The teachers in the video explain how they have noticed differences in their students as they don’t lash out any more but instead go to the corner and reflect when they are feeling different emotions.

Watching this video got me intrigued as it was a very unique and impactful practice the school incorporated into their curriculum. This is a great technique to allow kids to regain their focus or emotions through reflection. The video mentioned that they “Provide Comfortable pillows and toys to help students de-escalate”. I have always felt that a comfortable space helps you effectively reflect on yourself. Not only may this be effective for kids but for everyone as well. Of course adults may not play with toys, unless you do I don’t judge, but this can be improved on for adults. Instead of toys they may have certain magazines that help them regain focus or even books. Overall I feel as if this technique is very helpful.

The tone of this video is uplifting and excitement. I feel as if the intended audience is other schools in order for them to follow suit, but I feel as if different people can learn something from this video. I feel as if the producers content is credible since they have a large following of almost 150k followers. Credible sources seem to always have large followings which allows me to trust this source as credible. I like the style of the video. They were able to edit it to allow you to be intrigued throughout the whole video.

“Space Matter — Using Space to Stimulate Creativity | Adam Price | TEDxUniversityofNicosia.” Performance by Adam Price, TEDx Talks , 29 Dec. 2014,

The presenter Adam Price, starts off with a question, “Is every one sitting comfortably?” His intention for the question was to present a philosophical question. He then says that, “If we want to go deeper into our thinking, we must create a space to think….How we feel, where we’re sat, changes what we can think.” Adam proceeds to quote Winston Church Hill saying, “The ideas we fashion are framed by the places we inhabit, we shape our buildings, and then they shape us.” He mentioned that places which are engines of creativity consist of shade, shelter, human scale, comfort, and a mix of the inside and outside. He simplifies it to the three main elements for a formula of creativity and reflection; comfort, openness and connection. In his talk he gave different examples of how people have used space for their own creations. He demonstrates how big companies have created their own spaces to produce creativity and reflection. He finishes his talk by mentioning that Space and place has power over us but we can use that power to create.

Watching Adam Price’s TEDx talk was very interesting throughout the whole 18 minutes of it. Watching his talk, I couldn’t agree more with what he was saying. One of the main things I have spoken about when I mention my ideal space for reflection is Comfort. He touched upon comfort in spaces many times throughout his talk. He started off with the question of everyone sitting comfortably, he then transitioned into saying we must create a space to think and sitting in a comfortable space for me allows me to reflect. I also agree when he says that where we sit changes what we think. Thinking can take the form of reflection, which allowed me to interpret the statement as, where we sit changes how we reflect. I also like how he quoted Winston Church Hill, and agree with his quote as places do frame and shape our thoughts and reflections. This TEDx talk answered what we really should choose when looking for a space of reflection. Most importantly looking for comfort, openness and connection.

Throughout the talk I could tell that the authors tone is a serious tone. Through out the talk, however, he did crack a few jokes that set the tone. Overall I feel as if his tone fit the talk well. It allowed for him to effectively get his point across. I feel as if this talk is intended for anyone of any age that can comprehend his references, Probably like 8th graders and up. It is truly meant for anyone searching for a creative space, or how to create one. This source was a TEDx talk and it makes sense for the intended audience since anyone who is willing to listen to a talk can always find something that they comprehend, if they pay close attention, and learn from it. Adam Price is a politician and former member of the Welsh Parliament. I feel like this proves he is credible since he’s a knowledgeable guy.

Golenda, Gabrielle. Architecture, Body, and Mind: Meditation Spaces in the Out-And-Open, 19 Sept. 2017,

The author for this journal starts off by stating that its uncommon for architects to come up with a space that is intended more for temporary use and atmospheric qualities. The author than states that an example of these types of spaces are those that are made for solitude and reflection. The end goal for these spaces, according to Golenda, is to create a space meant for the mind, allowing there to be reflection and meditation. Golenda then provides different examples of these creations that have been built throughout the world. The spaces she shows have connections with the outside and nature, either large windows, large openings or plants in the inside achieves this effect.

I felt like this journal was different than the other sources I used. The journal takes a different take on finding spaces for reflections. The author was able to find spaces that were specifically created for meditation and reflection. One major thing she demonstrated through these spaces was that nature has a major role in creating these spaces. All the examples of the spaces she showed had similarities in color tones and outdoor/ plant like surroundings. I feel like through her showing this she was trying to say that nature plays a major part in allowing for there to be focus and concentration when meditating and reflecting. I definitely agree with this. Being surrounded by plants and nature has definitely allowed me to think deeper. There are times where you definitely need to clear your mind, and one of the best ways is to take a walk outdoors and sort of connect with nature. One of my favorite spaces Golenda shared was the Windhover Contemplative Center by Aidlin Darling Design. If you take a look at the space, it has large windows which creates a connection with the outdoors. The materials also used on the inside creates a calming environment with trees being incorporated as well. This being said, if you find a space that has connections with nature and the outdoors, surrounded maybe by plants, I feel like you found a perfect space for reflection.

The overall tone of the article is calming in a way. There isn’t a lot to read, more so pictures to observe and analyze. All the pictures create a great ambiance that sets a calming tone. I believe the authors intended audience is anyone looking for a space of reflection and meditation. Her purpose is to provide examples of the types of spaces you want to surround yourself in. The genre of this particular source is a journal. I believe the authors work is credible since she has many journals and articles on the site. Also there isn’t anything that seemed false in her writing, and you could tell she is experienced in her knowledge. I liked the authors writing style. She didn’t write a lot but the small amount she wrote was very informative. She provided more pictures and descriptions, but did have a strong introduction that hooked me in to the journal.

Place of Reflection Kings Park. Plan E, 2012,

This Project Description spoke about a site built in Kings Park, located in Western Australia. The name of this space that was built is called, “Place of Reflection”. In the description of the space, the writer began by explaining that the new space was built in Kings Park to marry both of the spaces together because of the parks original natural beauty and the purpose of the new space which is healing and reflection. A main purpose of the space, according to the author, was to provide “opportunities to pause for reflection or quiet contemplation before gradually entering back into everyday life”. After wards the author gets more specific with the descriptions of the space. One thing they mentioned was that there is a pathway which is inscribed with motivating words. The materials for this creation were chosen to match and resemble the natural environment/ outdoors, surrounding the space. The colors chosen for the space as well were chosen to match what’s going on in its surroundings. The main point for this Project Description was to provide details of how they managed to create a space, specifically for reflection.

For this source I wanted to choose something sort of different. I wanted to get more specific and find spaces that have been actually designed by architects and built for the main purpose of Reflection. This way you kind of see the way an architect thinks and what their perspective on reflection is and what it looks like to them. Similarly to the other entries, this entry focuses on nature and how it can help with healing and reflection. The source mentions how the architects incorporated nature into the space and how they used the existing outdoor nature to complement the space. This is something I will always agree with. I feel as if nature does help you better focus and reflect on anything. Nature always creates a great ambiance which allows you to reflect effectively. Something else I found interesting in the description was the pathway having inscribed words of inspiration. In your own space for reflection, you don’t necessarily need to have words inscribed in your floors walls , ceilings, etc. This can be translated into posters or little notes that keep you motivated. Once you are motivated you think deeper and reflect deeper. This source definitely helps answer what you should look for when choosing a space for reflection. Maybe you should consider surrounding yourself with nature when you know you need to reflect. Also writing down things that can improve your reflection is helpful.

I cant really describe the tone of the Source. If I were to choose a tone, it would probably be more of a serious tone. Since its an in detail description of the project its harder to find the tone. The intended audience is anyone looking for inspiration on what to include in their space or what kind of space to look for. I would have to say that is the purpose as well, to serve as inspiration. The genre of the source is a Project Description. I feel as if the source is credible since the site is the official website for the space itself. I enjoyed the writing style of the author since it was well detailed and I was able to understand everything clearly.

Overall, doing the research for the question was interesting. A common theme I saw for places of reflection that people tend to use is comfort. People like to get comfortable or be surrounded by a comfortable environment when they reflect. Another reoccurring theme was nature and the outdoors. Having a connection with and enclosed space and the outdoors can be very beneficial for reflection. Through my research I found that people become more concentrated and become more at peace when they have some sort of connection with nature, which allows them to effectively reflect. Personally I already knew that comfort helped a lot with reflection. However what surprised me was how nature has a role in reflection. I never really noticed it but nature creates a great environment which allows you to thoroughly reflect. Thanks it the project it allowed me to notice this. I definitely think this is important since as a architecture student I can use this information to choose my personal space for reflection and improve my work. Definitely anyone who is interested in choosing or creating their own spaces should hear about this.