Vlog 1 New Spaces, Reflections, Lockdown Pressure. Xolani Nhlapho. YouTube. 28 April 2020.https://youtu.be/ubDtTW-RDws

My question is what do you realize in your own space? The YouTuber Xolani talks about how the lockdown became his space of reflection. Before the pandemic had happened all he really did was work on his company none stop not allowing himself to rest, to sit down and think of his next steps. He was consumed, taken over by his work moving from place to place. When the lockdown took place He realizes how he was taken over and has never taken the time to really think about his future, what he wants to do, and when he wants to accomplish it. He’s been on the drive of not knowing when to stop or where he is in his life, constantly going on with things he has to do and not considering the things he needs to do. Although he has had his hard times during this lockdown he was able to reflect on himself. “I get so consumed by what I’m doing at the current state or at the current moment that I do not see where my goal is anymore…” Xolani elaborated and connected with himself from high school, wanting to be the best of himself as well as connecting with how he wanted to create his own company putting himself out to achieve a goal, but to complete that goal you have to reflect on yourself see where you want to be when you want to get there. 

I feel like many people can connect to what he said especially during these times you’re able to sit down and think about the difference between then and now and how much we need to look upon ourselves and realize that you never get the chance to think about yourself and see how much we truly carry on our backs. This video shows a lot of realization through the process of the lockdown and even now we are still discovering our own faults. This relates to my question on how much you realize about yourself in your own space. When you take that time to think about what you’ve been doing, and what you’ve been up to you start to see things along the way discovering things about yourself that have always been there but you just don’t notice it as much as you should because of the things you are doing and your responsibilities. 

The author’s tone in this video was calm, he was giving his opinion and his side of the story comparing his thoughts of the before and after. He dwells a lot in the fact that we all do so much and work constantly and that of course to become the person you want to become you have to work hard but you also need to look where you are going. Reflecting on yourself makes sense of what you’re doing and that you’re taking consideration of yourself. The way he portrayed himself was straight forward although a lot of his thoughts were very mixed in the process he did that so he can give examples to what he is trying to tell the viewer. He made this video to reach out to people to tell people that we need reflection. We need to look over ourselves to be more aware of ourselves because if we don’t know what we are doing then you’re just going blind as you wander around in the world.

“Why It’s Important to Make Space for Reflection for Kids – Indi-ED.” Indi, 19 Dec. 2018, www.indi-ed.com/blog/why-its-important-to-make-space-for-reflection-for-kids/.

In the article “Why it’s important to make space for reflection for kids” in Indi-ED the author goes into the topic of a space for reflection that kids should have the opportunity to reflect on themselves to discuss issues and problems that kids carry on themselves as well as reflecting on themselves academically. The students were given the opportunity to lead the parent teacher conferences a week before the conferences. They have taken the time to gather up all the information about their academic and behavioral progress. They would go through their work and separate them by what they are too, how important that work is to them. The kids would discuss the notes they have taken, progress and what they need to work on. They also rate their behavioral levels and reflect on their actions to realize their mistakes and keep going. The author also mentions how hard it was to hold back from helping their students since that is how the role of a teacher but without their help these students were able to flourish and discover themselves creating a whole plan on how to present how they are doing in class. Usually the kids would have to stay outside completely secluded away from the conversation but with this process they are able to come to terms with themselves but as they talk about it and speak about improvement and what they flourish in.

I agree with this way of reflection. It gives the chance for young kids to understand themselves better and to see where they are going and how they want to do that. A lot of the time kids don’t really get the chance to look over themselves they mostly have people tell them what to do and how to do it. But with this way they get to go look over themselves and discover what is wrong and how they are going to fix it. They learn how to be independent and realize what they have to do. This relates to my question of how can you reflect in your own spaces? These kids were able to have their own space to reflect on themselves and become the best they can be.

The tone of the article was very a mixer of surprise and yet supportive meaning that during the process of giving these kids time to reflect and prepare for the parent teacher conferences they enjoyed doing this project. “The kids took it SERIOUSLY! Being that this is the first time, I prepared for some push back so we set the tone and discussed why we were doing things differently” surprising to see that come to play as well as supportive to continue to encourage the students to keep on doing what they are doing because it’s helping them improve. I enjoyed the way the author Protraid how reflection really helps these students become better and view their needs and what to work on.

“The Design.” Place of Reflection, www.placeofreflection.org/the-design/. 

Freels, Lauren. 

The article was a place for reflection and the design had won the excellence award for landscape Architecture at 2012 Australian institute. The place for reflection was designed to create a special place where it will give the opportunity to reflect over yourself in a quiet place and then return to your everyday life. This path is also for wheelchair accessibility. A path that is filled with inspiring words and meditative walking. “There are also seating nooks along the pathway where visitors can stop to reflect and absorb nature’s sights and sounds…” Along the path visitors are able to soak in the views of their surroundings and reflect on themselves as they go along. People can look over towards the river and cityscape and have a seating area to look at the views of the area. There is also a Western Australian eucalypt that has been laser cut and gives off a wonderful effect. At the end of the trail is a pavilion that can hold events. It’s open and surrounded by the landscape. It’s earthy copper of the screen on the pavilion compliments the natural environment.

The landscape in the place of reflection is basically the meaning of a place of reflection. The open natural area can really help one’s mind set and think about oneself. The open area and it’s natural view brings a connection between the visitors and the area. It is a therapeutic process once you step into the area. I believe nature is a connection that everyone has and feels when surrounded by nature, to become a part of it.

The tone of the author really got into the idea of the space of reflection informing the readers that this area is an area that you can reflect with the influence and help of landscape. The author was mostly informative but also advertising about this area and how it’s available to even the handicap and that it can hold multiple people in the area at the end of the trail.

“A Space for Reflection.” BAY TREE DESIGN, BAY TREE DESIGN, 18 July 2017, www.baytreedesign.com/blog/2017/7/17/a-space-for-reflection. 

The Bay Tree design is in the Nueva school community and is held by the BTM. “sensitive yet playful space where students could reflect on and celebrate the life of a schoolmate…” area where the student can go and reflect and hang out with schoolmates. This area is located in the forest which gives off a soothing area for them to relax along with wooden platforms that can be used for multiple functions for the students to use with its unique area. The setting is in the woods and the students are surrounded by nature and able to run freely along the area jumping from one plate form to the other. Instead of a park this area brings the students and connects them to the outdoors. This has also been approved by the parents for their children to go around and to relax outdoors.

The author wanted to introduce the area towards the readers for its open space, the connection the students have with nature and that play within it. Having that freedom to think and reflect on themselves in the space is important because it allows them to calm down, take a break from school and play with their friends.

The tone of the article is informative about how there are schools that are changing the environment for the students to spread out more to have space for their usage. The authors writing style mostly summed up the main idea of the space and how it was approved by the parents and helps the students to reflect on themselves in a space that is so wide and open that they can play and be with friends. The genre of this article makes sense for the intended audience because it’s mostly a small review on the area for the students.