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One more word

In our discussion for this week, teach us a word you learned or learned better while doing research. Add a comment to this post that includes the following:

  • the word
  • what source you found it in
  • the passage it comes from–that means include the sentence it comes from and possibly the one before and the one after. Enough to get a sense of what the author is writing about more broadly than just the one sentence will provide.
  • what the word means (a dictionary definition, such as from Merriam-Webster’s online dictionary, being sure to use the most relevant definition) Note: if you are not using a written text, do your best to transcribe the spoken words.
  • a paraphrase of the sentences you quoted, where the meaning of the passage and the word are clear from the way you paraphrase.
  • any images or other media that can help us understand the word, either by adding it in the comment or by linking to it.


  1. Alvin Kalicharan

    The word I chose was the word reflection itself because doing this project made me understand more clearly as to what reflection actually means and how in depth it can go. The source I found it in was obviously the project two instructions but what really made me understand reflection is the article, The Story of Jane.

    ‘Jane’ – the story of an architect

    She describes her journey through architecture and reflects on it as the story goes on. For example, “I got lots of very enthusiastic whistles from passing drivers while I was making it! It wasn’t perfect, in fact it leaked rather badly on account of budget constraints, requiring me to pinch some felt roofing off-cuts from a skip and mastic them together. But it stood; and it was mine.” “I felt humbled and honored to be recognized for my contribution to the profession.” She basically describes her childhood and how she built her own shed and even though it wasn’t perfect she still had enthusiasm for it and later down the road as she continues the career she begins to win awards for her success in architecture. It shows reflection for Jane as she demonstrates how far she has come in architecture. The reflection definition according to Westers Online Dictionary is “a thought, idea, or opinion formed or a remark made as a result of meditation”.

    • Jody R. Rosen

      Alvin, do you think about reflection here because the shed is a place for Jane to reflect, or because the process of building the shed is one she reflects on? Both seem at play here to me!

      SInia, you were asking if reflection and meditation were the same. It looks like the definition Alvin provides makes a connection between them. But as I said in ARCH 1101 yesterday, meditation can also be a process in which you avoid thinking, vs. reflection which is intentionally thoughtful. Funny how they are at once synonyms and yet potentially opposite!

  2. Andre.j.Chen

    The word that I chose was “experience”. Everything that we do in life is an experience, we use that to help understand ourselves better. Once we learned what our likes and dislikes are, we can use that to our advantage. The source that I found this in is a video on YouTube, “My Work Experience Architecture Practice”. Lulia Lup shares her experiences working as an architect in an office environment, and tells us how we won’t know what we love to do what we love to do unless we experience them. To demonstrate, ” You’ll only know what you love doing, if you try different things”. In other words, what we learn can have a minor or a major impact on our lives. In Merriam-Webster’s online dictionary, the word experience means, “the fact or state of having been affected by or gained knowledge through direct observation or participation”. In my words, I believe that what we learn can help us progress and achieve goals. Work shouldn’t be a place where you hate it, it should be a place where you enjoy learning there.

  3. Johnathon Abrego

    The weird that has interested me is “exploring”. From an architects view exploring is everything as he describes in the video.
    The definition of exploring from the internet would be to travel in or through in order to learn about or familiarize oneself with it. To me explore would be to take in or gather differences. Meaning that we can explore basically anything, a new place a new food or drink and even thoughts. Different thoughts are very important to an architect since they can be used and adapted with to bring up new ideas which then you would add to ur sketches and try out as he explains.

  4. zafar

    the word that i chose was “compassion”. everything you go through and do in life is that you need compassion in order to do it to the fullest. the source i was it from was . in the article Emma Seppala writes “That suffering, as unpleasant as it is, often also has a bright side to which research has paid less attention: compassion.” in any job or thing you put your self through you need compassion in order in to succeed in life without compassion you wont be able to do anything you will fail constantly. the dictionary meaning is “Compassion motivates people to go out of their way to help the physical, mental, or emotional pains of another and themselves.” as i paraphrased that is exactly i am correct without compassion you would fail. a dictionary meaning from Marriam Webster is “Take away all the qualities that make for a genuinely good father—wisdom, compassion, even temper, selflessness—and what you have left is Homer Simpson with his pure, mindless, dogged devotion to his family.” this example shows perfectly of a person with compassion of homer to his pure and devotion to his family.

  5. Jayda White

    One more word I chose is “stimulating” I found this word in “The Science Behind Music’s Impact On Creativity” while researching for the bibliography. The quote it sits in is “One theory put forward in her study is that the stimulating nature of lively music somehow energizes the brain in ways that promote a “flexible thinking style,” which leads to unconventional or innovative ideas.”Stimulating means “encouraging or arousing interest or enthusiasm.” In the quote, the author is saying music its self is stimulating which leads someone to be more creative and inventive. This one minute and 50-second youtube video can help you understand the meaning of stimulating more.

  6. Kevin Giron

    I would like to agree with the previous response, the word I also chose was Stimulate. However I have a different source. This is a YouTube video of a TEDx Talk by Adam Price titled, Space matter — Using space to stimulate creativity. The word itself can also be found in the title of the TEDx Talk. In the video he mentions a quote by Winston Churchill, “The ideas we fashion are framed by the places we inhabit”. A stimulus is known to evoke, or cause a reaction. Going back to the quote, it basically means that spaces are used as a stimuli to create ideas which plays into thinking and reflecting.

  7. Stacy Amaya

    A word that I got to learn more about is “Reflection” mainly for the reason that we have been looking into the topic a lot and its allowed me to think of many topics of where I can reflected on and what I can use to reflect upon. Music and space have been the most significant and big ideas of reflection for me. music harmonizes with ones feelings allowing us to looking into ourselves read our feelings the emotions that show when the music starts playing. Space it could be anywhere from the space in my room to the space in the car on a drive. As you listen intently and look closely to everything that has sound and surrounds you it allows you took look over you see the “change” the differences and the thoughts.

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