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ENG 1101 Week 12 Agenda

We had a late start last week, which pushed us late this week. I’ve heard from some of you this week, but I want to check in with as many of you as are interested as the due date for Project #2 approaches (11/18). Please keep in mind that

  1. we are working in a portfolio system, meaning that you’ll have the opportunity to revise your work and resubmit it in your portfolio at the end of the semester, to be regraded, and
  2. that Project #3 will use the research you have done, so you’ll need at least a working version of Project #2 to get started with Project #3. But also,
  3. it’s not too late, so if you’re not done yet, or haven’t started, let’s meet to help you get on track.

Class Info

  • Date: 11/11-11/17
  • Meeting Info: In addition to the asynchronous portion of our class, we have the following synchronous opportunities, using the Zoom link distributed earlier this semester (ask if you need me to resend!):
    • Optional writing lab session: Thursday, 11/12, 10:20am-11:20am.
    • Office Hours: Monday 11/16 10:20-11:20 and Tuesday 11/17 1:30-2:30, and by appointment–just ask!

To-Do Before Class

We’re finalizing work for Project #2, which is a research project about spaces for reflection. Please ask if you want more explanation. Check out the weekly agendas for weeks 6 through 11 to catch up on earlier incremental work. The extended due date for Project #2 is Wednesday, 11/18, so that we can include work on library research and time to work on introductions and conclusions. If you need more help or more time, please be in touch with me in office hours or via email.

I want to emphasize how much more enjoyable and impactful Project #2 will be for you if you choose a topic that interests you and that you like. As you consider a way to narrow your topic, think about your own interests. Are you really interested in science? psychology? sound and music? nature, gardens, greenery? These can each be a topic that you learn more about. Whatever you choose, understand that you will bring that knowledge with you as an architecture student into your studies and ultimately into your work practice. You do not need to choose an architecture-focused topic, but whatever you learn about, it will help you think about how different spaces influence their inhabitants and what those inhabitants do in those spaces. Also remember that you can choose sources from a variety of genres–including video, music, podcasts, etc, so not just written resources.


Project #2: reflective annotated bibliography on spaces for reflection


  • To explore further the questions about reflection and the space around us to shape our research
  • To draft bibliographic entries and annotations
  • To craft introductions and conclusions based on the suggestions in the Project #2 description

To-Do This Week


  • Previously I added a poll to the sidebar on our course site, asking how you were feeling (while awaiting the results of the election). I added a new one [Poll ID=”3″] about working on Project #2. You can share your opinions via the poll. If you like answering polls, let me know so I can add more.
  • finalize your research on spaces or places for reflection, using materials from different genres, including scholarly journals, magazines, blogs, video channels, Twitter accounts, and much, much more.
  • Further refine a question or group of questions about spaces for reflection to help shape your introduction and conclusion
  • If you’ve lost track of what you need to submit for asynchronous coursework, please reach out to me–I can help. We can have a 1-on-1 Zoom meeting to get you on track.
  • Please consider coming to office hours or writing with me in our writing lab if you want to check in with me about anything. We use the same Zoom link for all of these opportunities.


  • Read the Project #2 assignment instructions. Re-read them a few times. You can take notes so you can ask questions, and to help you process what you have to do.
  • Re-read last week’s post, “Introduction to Library Research” and review the resources it links out to, including the introductory video, if you haven’t already tried using the library’s resources for research.
  • Continue reading the sources you’re finding as you research
  • You’re part of a community of learners. Read what your classmates and I have written in Project #2 posts and in our most recent discussions.


  • Keep freewriting! 10 minutes. 10 minutes again. Write about what’s on your mind, or focus on the topic of spaces for reflection, or urban diary writing. Or something in your coursework, in the news, in your life, in your alternate reality. Or reflect in writing. Write.
  • Continue drafting and revising your annotated bibliography entries, including keywords for each. If you have done four, make sure that they help you understand your topic–you can always add another to replace one that isn’t working well for you. If you haven’t done any, now is a good time to start: Write a post in which you draft a bibliographic entry and annotation for a source according to the instructions in the Project #2 assignment instructions. Use the category ENG 1101 Project #2 Posts and add relevant tags–these should be the keywords or tags I asked you to include in your annotated bibliography. Try to write individual posts for each of your sources (yes, one post per source so you don’t have to write them all at once). You’ll need 4 sources and annotations total for Project #2, but you might try drafting more than 4 to be able to choose your 4 best.
  • In our discussion for this week, teach us a word you learned while doing research. Tell us where you found it, what it means, and what the source means. Add or link to any media that would be useful for understanding the word.
  • Comment meaningfully on at least one classmate’s annotated bibliography post, asking follow-up questions or making observations about the source they found and what they wrote about it.

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    Quick question, only the entries are due tomorrow or are the intro and conclusion also due tomorrow?

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