User, Guest. “A Day in the Life of an Architect.” BLDG.Collective, BLDG.Collective, 18 Jan. 2019, 

Life as an architect can get busy and boring as you spend most of your time sketching blueprints, troubleshooting project setbacks and revealing client’s dream homes. Architects usually are always on the move such as moving to the residential site to gather information to moving to the office to speak with clients, etc. They usually have dedicated hours and places where they work and create their designs. Communication is key with being an architect as well because you’re always discussing plans with someone about your designs and how to improve upon them. In addition, architects receive tons of emails and texts every day so it’s very important for them to be checked daily.

After reading the text, I absolutely agree with everything that was said because being an architect is not an easy task and it’s a job where you are always dealing with people which is why communication is key. As stated in the text, “At the office, we head back to our desks to focus on any projects in the design phase. This is probably what comes to mind when you think of an architect”. Being an architect and having your own space is so vital because it allows you to work at your full potential with no distractions. Most architects all over the world have their own space where they design and create which contributes to a lot of their success in architecture. One thing I would say to this architect is that his or her schedule is planned out in an organized fashion and could be something other architects could follow as well. This document tells me that most architects have their own design space and it adds on to my research question as having your own space seems essential in becoming an architect as it allows you to work at your fullest potential with no distractions.

The tone of this document is very monotone and normal as it just states information on what architects do on a daily basis however there are some points where the tone can get enthusiastic such as “Precision is a key ingredient…in architecture and beverages.” The author’s purpose of writing this document is to solely illustrate life as an architect and how their daily schedule looks like. The genre of this source is an informative journal as it describes someone’s life as an architect and what they do on a daily basis. This genre makes sense for the intended audience because the audience reading this source will be willing to know how his life as an architect and this informative journal illustrates it. This content is very creditable as it’s posted on an architecture site based off of architecture and design.

I found this source by searching architects daily life on google and this was one of many choices. I chose this particular one however because it seemed the most creditable and one I could understand and relate to due to my architecture internship experience. It always is easier to understand things especially readings when you can relate to them.