“What Do Architects Do?” David Balber Architect, 18 Jan. 2017, balberarchitect.com/architects/. 

After reading this article, I strongly agree with everything David Balber states throughout because I can heavily relate to it. People ask me all the time as well “what do architects do?” and they always say how we just draw for a living and I just think to myself how that common answer is just a scratch of the surface of what architects really do. There is so much thought process that goes into every little detail in your design and it has to be perfect and if it isn’t, it could mess up the entire plan. “Imagine what would happen if there was a faulty connection in a major structural component in a stadium? The entire roof could fall in!” One thing I would say to David Balber is I loved how he ended off the article, as he states to not underestimate the importance of a safe building and I could totally agree because I would much rather be in a safe building that isn’t appealing compared to a building that is very eye catching yet unstable and unsafe. This document tells me that people believe all architects do is draw for a living however there are much more layers to it such as making a building very safe that requires a lot of focus and detail. Each decision made by the architect must have a lot of thought and focus into it because it is like a make it or break it situation, if you mess up one decision on the design, the entire design could be messed up as well.

The tone seems informative yet a little sarcastic because as he states how people ask him constantly on what architects do and his response “ Well, I suppose we “draw” buildings but it is a tad more complicated than that.” He tries to answer the question as demonstrating that they are right however only just stretched the surface of the right answer. The author’s intended audience is for people looking for exactly what architects do rather than just “drawing buildings”. The genre of this source is a reflection essay itself because it demonstrates his experience and his reflection on the question “what do architects do?” David Balber is very creditable because this article is just one of many articles that relates to architecture and his experience with it and that shows how much knowledge he has on the career.

I found this source through google by searching “what do architects do?” and this was one of the few that showed up and I chose this particular one because it seemed the most creditable as this article was one of many articles this author has wrote about architecture. It seemed that he had a lot of interest and knowledge in the career and was very passionate about it therefore being a very trustworthy article.