I came across an article called “https://www.lifeofanarchitect.com/060-the-perfect-portfolio/” by Bob Borson. Your portfolio is essential for school and for applying for a job, it shows your skills and how creative you are. There is no specific way to create a portfolio but there are many tips on how. He explains the key to have a successful portfolio, in the article it states “The work you spent weeks or even months agonizing over and trying to skillfully articulate in the forms of diagrams, plans, perspectives, collages, etc. etc… won’t be looked at for more than a few moments when it crosses my desk. ” You have to think about how much time someone will be looking at your portfolio. When applying for a job try not to make your portfolio long focus on your best work and make sure there is white space, they want to see how well you curate. Don’t overwhelm and don’t underwhelm. You also don’t need to only put buildings, your portfolio should show how you are as an individual and as an artist. Your portfolio can make you or break you. Your portfolio is something you can have space for reflection, it’s good to get feedback on it with another set of eyes, they may notice something you don’t. And throughout the years you can reflect back on your past work and see your progress.