Contributor, AJ. “’Jane’ – the Story of an Architect.” The Architects’ Journal, 17 Mar. 2020, 

After reading “Jane’-the story of an Architect”, I came to the conclusion that this reading is mainly about Jane’s experience as becoming an architect and how she accomplished her goal as being an architect. She stated how when she was 13 that she designed and built a shed because she wanted her “own space” In addition to being an architect, she was leading her own studio, ready to become a mom and start a family all at the same time, she described it as being “It’s a question of balance”. She kept striving towards her goal as an architect no matter of the condition or atmosphere she was in.

As stated before, Jane wanted her own space to work and she designed a built a little shed with the pocket change her dad gave her and I completely understand why she did this. She needs privacy and space to work as best as possible. If she is always working in a space with a lot of noise and clutterness, she will be prevented from doing her best work possible. In addition, Jane states, “My first real project gave me the confidence to set up my own studio”. Her own studio is where all her greatness will come from. With having a quiet and open space surrounding her, Jane is able to work at her best and create numerous outstanding projects that she eventually receives recognition and awards for.

The tone is very informative as she informs us about her experience and journey as becoming an architect. The reason Jane wrote this was to show her journey as becoming an architect and all the hard times she has overcome such as having “very little money and sleep” but yet still passionate and determined for her career. The genre of this source is a graphic essay and it makes sense for the intended audience because she is trying to visualize and show you her experience on her upbringing into architecture. Throughout reading the entire graphic essay, I can confidently say her content is credible because as she describes her journey and determination, she then states her awards won due to her perfection in the career. “I felt humbled and honored to be recognized for my contribution to the profession”. If she gave advice about architecture you can rely on it because she at one point used it and look how far she has come.