Since I don’t really go out like that anymore and never take detours just because I try to get home as quick as possible due to the pandemic I don’t really have any current detours to reflect upon however, whenever I would walk home from school, I would usually take a long rout sometimes just because it is much brighter and filled with great graffiti on the walls that stand out and act as a great background for pictures. The quicker route of walking home from school consists of just streets and houses for 20 blocks straight however the more exciting and bright but longer route consists of stores on each block such as a season themed store and a basketball and skate park. When walking on this route, I feel way more comfortable and welcoming because compared to the shorter route, it’s extremely lonely and boring with no lights and attractions. However, with this route, there are many lights due to the amount of stores on each block and there are always a lot of people on that route. During christmas time, me and my friends would always take the longer route and go into the season themed store and take so many silly pictures and try on costumes and santa hats because the store was so huge and it made us feel the Christmas spirit. During the holidays, that route really felt like the north pole because of how many christmas lights would be hung up on the trees. On the other hand, there were no such activities with the other route, it was just a simple route to home. In addition, the longer route included a basketball court and my friends and I would always take that route and end up playing basketball all the time because we would never have any homework and just wanted to have fun and play a couple games. Compared to the other route, there were no basketball courts but just houses and when it was night time, that route was extremely dark and could be really freighting to walk by yourself. I never took the time to reflect on this detour of a route because I truly never realized why I would sometimes take a longer route home but it all makes sense now.

The detour route and some of its art

The normal route