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What can we mean by reflection?

Reflection takes many forms not just a reflection in a mirror. Your refection is who you are, your character. You can be a reflection of someone for instance, I’m a reflection of my parents. To reflect is also to look back at something you did and ask yourself how can I improve? What can I change? Reflecting can be a note to your self. Reflection can be a survey, such as the ones taking often for school. It can depict how you felt about something, like how your day was, or how a subject was, or an activity you participated in. A reflection can be seeing yourself in someone or someone seeing themselves in you. Reflection can be an inspiration. Reflection is a manifestation, letting things happen, turning dreams into reality, and working from those improvements to do better. You can even reflect on yourself. You can seek reflection when you fail at something, you can always find space to reflect because there will always be space for improvement.  When I was younger and used to get in trouble my mom would always say “Reflect on yourself”. You reflect based on right or wrongs. Based on a feeling. You can write down about your day and read to the next to reflect. You can ask someone to review what you have and give advice, take what they said as a reflection. 

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  1. Jody R. Rosen

    Jayda, what pleasure and skill you demonstrate in your writing in this post! That repetition of different forms of the word reflection really works to build a rhythm and pattern. The advice from your mother is such great advice–it’s something we should do more of, I’m guessing–but also that kind of personal narrative that we aimed to include in Project #1. The image you include resonates so well, presenting both visual reflection and a personal reflection. I hope you enjoyed writing it!

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