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What Can We Mean By Reflection

Reflection in my eyes is when you take a step back and focus on what you accomplished in life or to take a step back and actually process what is going on at the current moment. It’s when you take a moment and realize what choices and decisions you made and look back on them. Another way of reflection is when you need to evaluate yourself and correct yourself such as if you made a decision you aren’t sure about and need to re evaluate it. There are many instances when you can seek out space for reflection, for example when you accomplish something huge in your life or when you reach a milestone in life. When people turn a certain age, they always tend to reflect on life and look at past experiences that made them who they are today. For instance, every time I look at my 16th birthday pictures, I always take a moment and reflect on how much I have accomplished in just only two years and how much I have learned over the years. I always say how it is crazy how many things and changes can happen in such a short amount of time and looking back at pictures proves that. Reflections are great because it allows us time to ourselves and actually get to understand and enjoy a moment rather than just living life not knowing what anything means or what was the reason something happened.

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  1. Jody R. Rosen

    I love how Alvin’s description of reflection involves a physical movement–taking a step back–that he uses metaphorically. That idea of removing oneself to a greater physical distance is an important one in a field like architecture, where spatial position is so important. Alvin, you also relate reflection to having a temporal distance, where the years following your 16th birthday give you a chance to think about how you have changed. That idea of distance seems really important!

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