1) National Voter Registration Day, Tuesday, September 22nd

Take action, join student leaders and volunteers to text peers, friends, family and others on your contact list encouraging them to register to vote.

Check out  @citytechsld on Instagram for more information.

2) Voter Registration Panel + Discussion, Friday, September 25th

Promoting Voter Registration -Join us as student leaders and volunteers follow-up with a panel discussion to answer student questions about voter registration and absentee ballots.

NYPIRG AND SGA Collaboration

Check out  @citytechsga on Instagram for more information.

3) CREAR FUTUROS Meet-up: This group meet-up will be about all of us getting to know each other and the resources CREAR has to offer as we embark together on this virtual/distance-learning journey together! All are welcome!

Tuesday 9/22 @ 12:30pm https://docs.google.com/forms/d/e/1FAIpQLScymJfLMS8XkAJTO9tlSoHneAX5Bfg2iG8dPr8-MruDz47l7g/viewform

Thursday 9/24 @12:30pm https://docs.google.com/forms/d/e/1FAIpQLSdEoAztvRHZ08kqwVpoLtNavWlA039oTZpE98f2fb7ghA0Yng/viewform

4) CRITICAL INFO with NGOZI: Complete the Census!

Watch the video here: https://youtu.be/fPuDO1nHRNw

Fill out the census here: my2020census.gov

5) Student Life Sponsors: National Hispanic Heritage Month, MOVIE NIGHT

Thursday, September 24th @ 12:30PM

Feature Presentation: FRIDA
Check out  @citytechsld on Instagram for more information.

6) Hispanic Heritage Month: September 15th – October 15th

Social Media Activities by @citytechsld

  • APRENDE A HABLAR ESPAÑOL/Learn to Speak Spanish

Word of the Day
Tell us how you would use the word of the day in a sentence. Type the sentence out and #espanolwithcitytech or tag @citytechSLD


Turn up SLD’s Office Playlist by adding your favorite track #SLDturnup


Topic: Identidad (Identity)

To participate post your poem on your Instagram story. Be sure to tag @citytechSLD and include #identitycitytech. SLD will share all entries.

Voting will be done on Instagram. The winner will be determined through student votes. Students will vote by responding to SLD’s question sticker with the IG handle of the participant they thought had the best poem.

Prizes will be given for 1st and 2nd place.

7) Workshops from the Counseling Center. Email counseling@citytech.cuny.edu for links to workshops.

  • Getting Motivated to Study Adjusting to the changes of remote learning can heighten doubts and can compromise motivation. This workshop teaches skills to counter the expectations of failure. You’ll learn about the relationship between thoughts, feelings and behaviors; uncover the underlying beliefs that fuel negative thoughts and practice constructive alternatives to increase hopefulness and motivation. Wednesday 9/23 @ 2:30PM
  • City Tech and Dealing with Diversity Racism, class, gender, sexual orientation, disability, religion are the many ways we are defined. How can we live and learn together during these difficult times.  Thursday 9/23 @ 12:00 PM
  • I’m Just Not a Math Person Math produces anxiety for more students than any other subject because of incorrect myths and counterproductive attitudes. This thinking causes poor exam performance and a reluctance to enter math related careers. This workshop will help you reduce your anxiety and misconceptions about math to improve your online learning experience.  Wednesday 9/30 @ 11:00 AM
  • LGBTQ+ Group Talk Drop-In Weekly forum for LGBTQ+ students to meet one another, discuss topics related to gender and sexuality, and offer mutual support. Mondays at 4PM
  • Straight Up Talk About Racism A group that seeks to speak the truth about historical and present-day RACISM in all it’s form and it’s detrimental impact on our Country, State, City and Community. The group will develop coping mechanisms as well as introduce a Call to Singular and Collective actions to improve the educational, psychological, social and economical state of its members. The book, “CASTE” by Isabel Wilkerson and the life of Rep. John Lewis will be the guiding forces of this group.                                                                         Tuesdays at 1PM
  • Weekly Meditation Group Our lives can be difficult to manage during these times. Learn simply meditation practices to improve focus, reduce stress and moving forward toward your goals. Wednesdays at 3:30PM

8) Free Online Citizenship Classes for Green Card Holders

9) Campus Movie Fest Comes to City Tech! The world’s largest student film festival like you’ve never experienced it before. More info here.

10) Online Tutoring is Available for the following Math and Biology Courses: MAT 1275CO, MAT 1275, MAT 1375, MAT 1475, MAT 1575, BIO 1101 and BIO 1201. See Flyer for details on scheduling an appointment